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Ridgefield WA 98642

December 18, 2021 Shop Log


My first attempt to carve the Hawaiian Islands Chain was to have it fit all on the bed of the X-Carve Pro, so it had to be scaled within 48”x48” area. However, I felt that some of resulting islands were too small, and the overall look felt underwhelming.

The problem in need of a solution was to figure out how to accurately position the islands in a space that was larger than the bed of the X-Carve Pro. My solution was to create 30”x22” indexed tiles with cut-out outlines of the islands in their respective locations. The tiles could be laid out onto a surface (such as a wall or table) and the individual island carvings would be placed in the cut-outs. I chose 30”x22” tiles because it with the size of my shipping boxes (if I ever got around to making them available for sale). This way I could scale the islands as big as the bed of the X-Carve Pro if desired.

My first attempt will be the island chain scaled at 72” wide. The results are impressive.

I have not gotten to carving the Big Island yet, which when completed will be about 16”x19”.

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