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Ridgefield WA 98642

November 8, 2019 Shop Log

MakerCave iMac Mount
MakerCave iMac mounted to a monitor arm and the GCC Expert 24 LX Vinyl Cutter work table

I am working on consolidating work surfaces in order to conserve space, and one of these is my vinyl cutting work space. In the old MakerCave, I had a separate table for layout, a separate stand to hold the cutter and a separate desk to hold the MakerCave iMac. I now want to consolidate these three spaces into one.

The first step is to mount the MakerCave iMac to the layout table in a manner where it would not be in the way. I purchased an adapter VESA mount kit for the iMac and an monitor arm that would be able to support the weight of the iMac from Amazon. This allows me to either lift the iMac above the work space or push it off to the side.

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