December 1, 2019 Shop Log

I installed the second shelf lift. This one is for my belt and disc sander. Two power tools off the floor…

With the help of Nick Dodson, the electrician we use at the Amphitheater, I made up an quad box extension cord from my 240-volt service, splitting the 240-volt service into two 120-volt dedicated circuits.

With the FSL Muse Laser Cutter, I created mounting plates for my Ridgid battery chargers on the IKEA Skadis peg board. Actually, I used this as an opportunity to get David, my helper, to figure out how to design custom items to meet one’s specific needs. I tried to teach David how to use a calipers and SketchUp to create a drawing. However…

We ran into some mis-measurement issues. Not once…

But twice before getting it right.

I lost a cordless drill today. It did last sixteen years, so I got some use from it.

The Stacker 500 3D printer was put to work today. The poop bag holder went missing some time ago and decided to print a replacement.

November 29, 2019 Shop Log

On Wednesday, I moved my air compressor from old MakerCave to new MakerCave. I attached my air hose and tools directly to the tank, eliminating the need for the accompanying table I made to these items.

I also converted the compressor from 120 volts to 240 volts. At 120 volts, the air compressor draws over 19 amps, essentially requiring a dedicated circuit, which I don’t have such a luxury. However, at 240 volts, the draw was reduced down to just over 9 amps.

I also added a neutral wire to the outlets off the MakerCave sub panel in order to convert the 240 volt service into two 120 volt circuits.

November 25, 2019 Shop Log

I moved McKenzie’s Jedi shrine from the old bedroom to her new bedroom. During the transport, the plastic brackets I made to hold her lightsaber upright. Luckily, I had the FSL Muse Laser Engraver and Cutter set up and was able to quickly make replacements.

The storage brackets I ordered from Amazon arrived today. These brackets are designed for kitchen appliances, just as mixers, to be easily stored under cabinets. I mocked one up to see how it worked. Eventually, I will mount my bench grinder on these brackets.

Also from Amazon came my Keychron K2 Wireless Keyboard. What a great mechanical keyboard with RGB backlighting.

I continued to install wall organization, such as pegboard and bins.

I started to unpack and organize tools. Router bits next to the router table…

November 24, 2019 Shop Log

The couple of days I have been plugging away at organizing MakerCave:

I installed shelving from the garage at the old house.

I wanted shelving high, above the my rolling carts, so equipment could be tucked tight against the wall when not used.

I mounted my spray paint can holders, but I needed more storage…

So I started printing some more brackets.

I also mounted one of my bench vises onto a flip-top tabletop of my other conveyor roller table.