November 17, 2019 Shop Log

Last night I picked up a gate latch from Home Depot, and it worked perfectly in holding the flip-top table for the miter saw tight against the side of the conveyor roller table.

Then I built material supports for the miter saw.

And they worked out well.

Overall, I am pleased with the way this storage method turned out.

With the miter saw out of the way, I worked on the bench top jointer next.

Everything is neat and tucked away.

I was able to move out the saw stand and one of the miter saw material support tables, and the other will go as soon as I can clear it off.

November 16, 2019 Shop Log

I put the FSL Muse Laser Cutter and Engraver to work after the installing the new exhaust vent. Jill want to create something for a party contest, something pumpkin-themed. I obliged.

I created a serving tray for Jill’s pumpkin muffins.

I continued to work on consolidating equipment. I followed up on something I saw on YouTube regarding flip-top power tool storage. After proof of concept, I was ready to implement.

If I were able to integrate my miter saw into one of my conveyor roller tables, then I would be able to eliminate the need for the two feed tables and saw stand.

I just have to install a gate latch to keep the flip-top tight to the side of the conveyor roller table when the saw is stowed.

I will eventually store the following in the same manner:

  • Bench jointer
  • Mini lathe
  • Metal miter saw
  • Bench grinder
  • Bench vise

November 11, 2019 Shop Log

Another piece of equipment on wheels

While browsing my email, I saw that Woot was offering a mobile tool base, so I bought one for the drill press. It arrived today and was immediately installed.

I also installed some utility hooks along the length of MakerCave near the ceiling for quick and easy cable management (extension and network cords).

November 10, 2019 Shop Log

I hired one of McKenzie’s classmates, David, to help me move MakerCave. I remember helping my godfather in eighth grade help build an second floor addition to his home and how much I learned during that time. I wanted to provide the same opportunity to someone as my godfather had done for me.

One of the things I wanted in the new MakerCave was to get as much on wheels as possible. This included the vinyl cutter work space. I asked David to install work table casters on the work table.

I also wanted to consolidate the two work tables into one and was able to achieve that with folding shelves. The cutter was mounted onto a folding shelf on the end of the layout table. I also move the vinyl roll holder to the bottom of the folding shelf to conserve space.

It folded out of the way nicely.

Then I mounted my 58″ paper cutter to the side of the table.

It also folded out of the way as nicely as the cutter.

Overall, I am happy with how it turned out, freely up some much needed floor space. It will allow me to move the vinyl cutting work space out of the way as I work on other things.

November 8, 2019 Shop Log

MakerCave iMac mounted to a monitor arm and the GCC Expert 24 LX Vinyl Cutter work table

I am working on consolidating work surfaces in order to conserve space, and one of these is my vinyl cutting work space. In the old MakerCave, I had a separate table for layout, a separate stand to hold the cutter and a separate desk to hold the MakerCave iMac. I now want to consolidate these three spaces into one.

The first step is to mount the MakerCave iMac to the layout table in a manner where it would not be in the way. I purchased an adapter VESA mount kit for the iMac and an monitor arm that would be able to support the weight of the iMac from Amazon. This allows me to either lift the iMac above the work space or push it off to the side.