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Ridgefield WA 98642

December 22, 2021 Shop Log


Because of the size of the Big Island, I had to be a bit more creative in getting a piece of material large enough. I found some 2.25” thick black walnut stock, cut it in half, square off one of the lengths on each piece and glued them together to create a large enough work piece.

While shopping at Goby, I decided to stock up on some beautiful pieces I found in the end cuts section. I will allow ideas to marinate.

Now while carving the Big Island, I encountered catastrophe. The belt pulley on the X-axis ball screw of the X-Carve broke off, leaving me with no movement on the X-axis.

I quickly made a call to Inventables, and it looks like the fix will be a swapping out of the entire gantry. Inventables is shipping out a replacement, but the disappointment is less than palatable. I am going to need to figure out how to change out the gantry.

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