October 15, 2020 Shop Log

I am starting to create items for my upcoming online store. One of the items will be these trout silhouettes engraved with quotes from Norman Maclean’s A River Runs Through It.

I finished a complete set of Paris Metro Subway tiles. I washed them with with hot water and applied a coat of finishing wax.

I will need to take some product photos, upload them into the product pages and open up shop.

October 13, 2020 Shop Log

I started working on set of wooden engraved Paris Metro Subway Map tiles. I plan to open up an online store for the things I make.

While cutting the tiles with the bandsaw, I broke the blade and had to make a run to Woodcrafters in Portland for a replacement.

While I was at Woodcrafters, I purchased a new 8” disc and 4”x36” belt sander unit.

December 1, 2019 Shop Log

I installed the second shelf lift. This one is for my belt and disc sander. Two power tools off the floor…

With the help of Nick Dodson, the electrician we use at the Amphitheater, I made up an quad box extension cord from my 240-volt service, splitting the 240-volt service into two 120-volt dedicated circuits.

With the FSL Muse Laser Cutter, I created mounting plates for my Ridgid battery chargers on the IKEA Skadis peg board. Actually, I used this as an opportunity to get David, my helper, to figure out how to design custom items to meet one’s specific needs. I tried to teach David how to use a calipers and SketchUp to create a drawing. However…

We ran into some mis-measurement issues. Not once…

But twice before getting it right.

I lost a cordless drill today. It did last sixteen years, so I got some use from it.

The Stacker 500 3D printer was put to work today. The poop bag holder went missing some time ago and decided to print a replacement.