December 1, 2020 Shop Log

In preparation for our trip to Hawaii next week, I created these custom stoppers out of scraps of thin stock walnut I had left over. After ashes of Jill and Koda are placed inside April Angels, these stoppers will be glued over the bottom hole to keep the ashes inside.

I also needed to start working on Mary Kilway’s order for custom dog leash holders. Before too long Christmas will be here, I need to get them finished with plenty of time to be shipped to their appropriate parties.

I also did some experimenting with different materials other than wood, such as acrylic and card stock, for the dog shape.

However, there remained a strong preference for wood.

October 17, 2020 Shop Log

I was so happy with the thin stock walnut remnants I picked up at Goby Walnut Products that I picked up some more.

I fired up the X-Carve to start cutting the components for my third Simba Simple Chair.

While the X-Carve worked, I started experimenting with halftone dithering engraving of photos on the FSL Muse.

After engraving the original photo of Jill and her catch, I decided to remove the background of the photo to get a better result.

Then I started playing with the DPI settings and decided that I liked 250 DPI setting the best.

Then I made an example of a custom quote trout I want to sell. Customers would be able to send me their own photo and quote, and I would engrave it onto a blank trout.