January 2, 2021 Shop Log

I continue to tweak the design of the April Angel storage boxes I think this is the final design as I made it more fitting to the angel’s size.

McKenzie and I stopped at Goby this morning, and I picked up some Oregon white oak boards to make another fly rod holder to sell on Etsy. I started redesigning to correct some of the problems I ran into with the first one.

January 1, 2020 Shop Log

I finished two more orders for custom dog leash holders. They are boxed and ready to be shipped.

I also worked on rounded storage boxes for the April Angels. Rather than using plywood, I tried the thin walnut stock. I didn’t have much luck with the flex hinges in the corners. The walnut was just too brittle.

However, I like experimenting with different mediums and decided to try acrylic. Here is the result.

December 27, 2020 Shop Log

I purchased from 8MP Camera from LightBurn and added it to the RTL-1390I Laser Cutter. Before installation, I printed a mount and then installed it on the inside of the lid, running the USB cord along the lid frame and drilling a hole in an access panel so that I could plug it into the MakerCave iMac. The camera will allow me to snap an image overlay of the bed and allow me to place cut files more accurately on the material.

I filled twelve April Angels with Jill’s and Koda’s ashes, readying them for eventual distribution.

I also laser cut storage boxes for the April Angels I am sending to friends and family.

As I have been using the RTJ-1390I laser cutter, I have been experiencing the issue of smaller cut pieces dropping through the knife table and then being burnt as the laser head passes overhead. I remembered that I had some metal grating material left over from a previous project, which provided an excellent solution to this problem.

I started cutting for the fourth Simba Simple Chair, cutting two out of the eight needed parts panels.

September 23, 2020 Shop Log

I am returning to MakerCave page to document my projects. Much has happened since my last post. The passing of my wife, Jill, has been a particularly devastating change.

In her memory, I had 3D-scanned a model of a ceramic Angel her mother had given her for her birthday. My intention is to 3D-print this hollowed-out model, use them as mini urns for her ashes and then travel around the world to the places where Jill loved and wanted to visit and leave her ashes.

Ready to print

Yesterday I finished modifying the model, adding a fill hole in the bottom of the model for the ashes and an eye at the top of the model to hang the urn.


Then I printed the new model on the Anycubic Photon S resin printer.

Final result