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Ridgefield WA 98642

February 13, 2016 Shop Log

  • In an effort to assessing what I have, Instarted going through the boxes of stuff at and found some interesting things to bring to MakerCave to work on: ShiftBrite LED Modules, various motors, an Apple TV and 5-port hub.  
    Interesting Items Discovered at Home for MakerCave
  • Every shop worth its weight should have a copy of the McMaster-Carr catalog.  
    McMaster-Carr Catalog
  • I started assembling my newly-arrived Kickstarter-backed Dobot Robotic Arm.  
    Dobot Robotic Arm
  • I installed a guide on the Shapeoko to better align the work piece.  
    Shapeoko X-Axis Guide
  • I engraved the Portland skyline art on the Portland Media Community TV Shroud.  
    Portland Skyline Artwork on the Portland Community Media TV Shroud
  • To make more desktop space at the Electronics Workspace, I made a cantilevered laptop tray.  
    Electronics Workspace Laptop Cantilevered Tray
  • With the Portland skyline artwork routed out, I laid the first layer of wood filler.  
    Wood Filler Laid
  • I hooked up the Apple TV to one of the GT5000 NEC Projectors.  
    Apple TV Functional at MakerCave

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