October 13, 2020 Shop Log

I started working on set of wooden engraved Paris Metro Subway Map tiles. I plan to open up an online store for the things I make.

While cutting the tiles with the bandsaw, I broke the blade and had to make a run to Woodcrafters in Portland for a replacement.

While I was at Woodcrafters, I purchased a new 8” disc and 4”x36” belt sander unit.

Shop Expansion

I am moving forward with building a separate shop for all my “dust-creation” equipment and have begun the design phase. I am looking to situate a 35′ wide by 24′ deep detached shop in the open area between the garage and the storage container. This is what the initial design looks like.

October 10, 2020 Shop Log

Before starting a cutting job, one should make sure that it is the right piece you want to cut. I just cut a duplicated of the last components tile I cut yesterday. Of well, I am ahead for the next chair.

While I waited for the duplicate tile to finish cutting, I started gluing together the second half of the chair.

And I assembled as much as I could…

Eventually I finished cutting the final components tile for the chair.

By the end of the day, I glued the final components of the chair together and allowed them to dry overnight.