January 31, 2016 Shop Log

  • Last night, Jill and I won the fourth grade class auction project, and it is on temporary exhibit at MakerCave.

    On temporary exhibit at MakerCave…

  • I drilled a 2″ hole in the table top of the Electronics Workspace and slipped in the Tankstation into place. Now I can charge my electronic devices to my heart’s content. 
  • I made another electronics tool caddy for my larger tools that wouldn’t fit in the first tool caddy.

    Larger Electronics Tool Caddy

  • I managed some additional improvements on my Printrbot Simple Metal base, like this swing arm for the Raspberry Pi.

    Raspberry Pi Swing Arm in the Closed Position

    Raspberry Pi Swing Arm in the Open Position

  •  I also added a small storage box.

    Small Storage Box on Printrbot Simple Metal Base

  • Too often, when doing an annual event, you often just throw things immedaitely back into storage until the next year and forgot get about any problems or issues. Here is my attempt not to do that. The attachment apparatus for the light string support poles to the hotel tables is not very stable. We have been taping or zip-tying the mounts to the table legs. For next year, I would like to make a clamping mechanism, which would be more stable.

    Redesign Notes for the Mounting of Poles for Light Strings for OLL Auction

January 22, 2016 Shop Log

  • Started to assemble some semblance of an electronics workspace

  • I managed to separate the USB micro connector from the Printrbot electronics board. I used my Sparksfun Rework Station for the first time to reset the connector back onto the board. Now to see if it worked…
  • No, the USB micro connector detached from the board as soon as I plugged in the cable, and now the connector looks suspect. I either have to find another connector or get another Printrbot board.
  • Add a work light to the electronics workspace

  • Better yet…if I could salvage an old micro USB connector from another junk device!

January 17, 2016 Shop Log

  • Added second layer of cherry-colored wood filler

  • Sanded away the wood filler and filled the inage with gray paint

  • Cutting a side wall of the Baefong Radio Charging Bank on the Shapeoko

  • Baefong Radio Charging Bank Holder

    Assembled the Baefong Radio Charging Bank Holder

  • Cleaned up my sloppy paint job by sanding away my mistakes

  • Bolted my platform to the Printrbot Simple Metal for easier transport

  • I broke the 3mm tap in one of the holes I drilled into the base of the Printrbot Simple Metal. I need to remember to utilize the proper drillbit size. I used a #40 size bit and should have used a #39 size bit. Live and learn.