February 2, 2019 Shop Log

I finally got the biscuit joiner off my bench and onto my rolling French cleat storage cart.
I also created storage from my small Ridgid drivers.
I started assembling a LED flood fixture I am plan to experiment with for the Amphitheater. I need to splice the four power tails of each of the individual fixtures together along with a power cord, so I ordered some Wago 221-415 LEVER-NUTS 5 Conductor Compact Connectors from Amazon.

Well, the time has come to plan for the future, and MakerCave will be moving from its current location. Our lease is up in June, and rather than renew, we will pack everything temporarily into storage and plan on building a new and better MakerCave at our new future homestead. I have started moving items into temporary storage.

January 26, 2019 Shop Log

I decided to start making some work-holding tools I found on the Shapeoko User Group on Facebook, some cam holding clamps and holding L-brackets.
While the Shapeoko ran its job, I cut some additional directional signage for the Amphitheater on the GCC Expert24LX Vinyl Cutter. However, I just noticed a mistake. The signage was to read Main Gates, not Plaza Gates.
I also fired up the Stacker 500 to start printing the nave of the Sagrada Familia model.
I finished drilling the mounting holes and installing the mounting T-nuts on the backings for the Amphitheater Parking Lot Solar Work Light Panels.
The L-brackets I found on Facebook weren’t designed from my X-Carve CNC Router, so I decided to design one myself. It will be 3D-printed rather than cut from MDF.

January 9, 2018 Shop Log

  • Not feeling so well today.
  • The Shapeoko was put to work cutting out foam mount backers for Amphitheater Concession TV mounts. The mounts are being hung on a split-faced block wall, which is rough and uneven. The foam backer is to “even” out the mounting surface.
  • The Stacker 3D Printer was working on printing out some more spray can rack mounts, to get MakerCave better organized.
  • I worked on setting up operating systems on SD cards for two new Raspberry Pi Security Camera.
  • I flipped on the Muse Laser Cutter nd Engraver for a pushed software update. It hasn’t come through yet.
  • The MakerCave iMac is also undergoing updates.