January 29, 2016 Shop Log

  •  Last night, I sketched up a design for the water flow pressure sensor and then printed it out on the Printrbot Simple Metal. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the inside of the mount high enough and had to file away material in order to accommodate the sensor. For the future, I modified the SketchUp model by increasing the height by 2 millimeter from 32mm to 34mm.

    Water Flow Pressure Sensor Mount Installation

  •  Originally, I had planned to bolt the mount to the floor of the electronics cavity next to the laser power supply, but the mount was pretty and protected and could be left freestanding. Perhaps I will velcro it in place, but it works as is.

    Water Flow Pressure Sensor Mounted Inside the K40 Laser Engraver and Cutter

  • After work, I stopped in to look for my misplaced Leatherman. I hate when I do that, and no, I didn’t find it.
  • While there, I decided to hook up the Tekpower Digital Multimeter DT9602R to the Ubuntu Linux Laptop at the Electronics Workspace. Sorry, no photos. I forgot to take some. 
  • Luckily the laptop is old enough to have a serial port, so no need for a Serial-to-USB adapter. However, the enclosure around the computer end of the cable obstructed the end from being able to be plugged in. Luckily, it can be easily removed, and the cable could now be plugged in. Another design opportunity for the 3D printer.
  • I was also having difficulty connecting to the multimeter with the QtDMM software. However, I fixed that issue by running the program with the sudo command.
  • I need to research how to open the serial port to all users and QtDMM doesn’t need to ran under sudo.

January 28, 2016 Shop Log

  • I remembered to bring the crimpers back to MakerCave and finished the wiring for the K40 Laser Engraver and Cutter water flow sensor. I attached the female connectors to the water sensor and the ferrules to the WP (Water Protect) terminal and the Ground terminal for Laser1.

  • I entered the Manufacturer Parameters by pressing the Stop Button and then the Shift Button.

  • Then I entered Laser Parameters…

  • I changed Laser1 Water Protect setting from Close to Open.

  • I unplugged the water pump, turned on the K40 and pressed the Laser button. It works!

  • I also verified that the K40 works when the water pump is running.
  • Next create a mount for the water flow sensor…

January 26, 2016 Shop Log

  • While cleaning MakerCave, I made an assessment of the scrap materials available and made this wire spool holder for the electronics workspace.

  • I grabbed some measurements of the water flow sensor and sketched out a mount.

  • I installed the tee on the water cooling inlet for the K40 Laser Engraver and Cutter. I turned on the water pump to check for leaks and heard the activation of the switch in the sensor, a good sign.

  • In preparation of updating the firmware on my Deltaprintr, I installed Arduino IDE 1.0.6 and the other necessary libraries on the electronics workspace laptop. I was able to successfully able to compile the stock firmware.

  • While at it, I also installed QtDMM on the electronics workspace laptop, which allows me to read and record the readings from my TekPower DT9602R Multimeter.

  • I managed to clean off one work surface.

  • I managed to gather several dust piles around the shop.

January 25, 2016 Shop Log

  • Placed the water flow sensor inside the K40 Laser Engraver and Cutter

  • Ran the tubing from the water flow sensor out the back through a pre-existing hole. The tee fitting will be installed in the inlet tube, and water will then flow to the water flow sensor.

  • Made a wiring for the water flow sensor to the laser controller. I forgot my crimpers at work, so I still need crimp the female connectors to the wiring.

  • Repurposed a Linux laptop for the electronics workspace to access the Internet for reference and access the USB microscope to examine circuit boards

  • Completed my electronics workspace tool caddy

January 24, 2016 Shop Log

  • Brought from home the large Panavise, helping hands and USB microscope for the electronics workspace

  • Using scrap around the shop, I began making a tool holder for the electronics workspace.

  • Finished the electronics workspace tool caddy…now wait for adhesive to dry

  • …and toilet paper restocked at MakerCave

January 23, 2016 Shop Log

  • I made a run to Fry’s Electronics to pick up some soldering supplies and tools and then to Harbor Freight for some electronic workspace tools (tweezers and picks).
  • Some semblance of organization

  • Repurpose an old granite slab cutting board for a heat-safe work surface. I already marred the desktop with the rework station the other day.
  • Mounted the rework wand holder.
  • Need to figure out how to pipe the water flow sensor on the K40 Laser Engraver and Cutter

January 22, 2016 Shop Log

  • Started to assemble some semblance of an electronics workspace

  • I managed to separate the USB micro connector from the Printrbot electronics board. I used my Sparksfun Rework Station for the first time to reset the connector back onto the board. Now to see if it worked…
  • No, the USB micro connector detached from the board as soon as I plugged in the cable, and now the connector looks suspect. I either have to find another connector or get another Printrbot board.
  • Add a work light to the electronics workspace

  • Better yet…if I could salvage an old micro USB connector from another junk device!