March 20, 2017 Shop Log

  • I cut some “blanks” for the Shapeoko at home to continue to cut new light cover saddles. 
  • I cut some more light cover saddles with the Handibot. 
  • I glued together some more light cover saddles. 
  • I made a fifth cable “sling”. 
  • And my art gallery continues to grow…

March 19, 2017 Shop Log

  • Jill and I stopped at Rockler earlier where I could pick up some supplies for the Shapeoko waste board rebuilt. Some progress…
  • I decided to decorate the walls of MakerCave with the fruits of the QuickDraw Bot. 
  • I finished another cave “sling”. 

March 15, 2017 Shop Log

  • I finished the second cable “sling”. 
  • With this project, I should be able to pay off my industrial sewing machine purchase. 
  • I am out of 1/2 MDF to continue on my Shapeoko waste board replacement project. I miss having a truck. 
  • I came into MakerCave greeted by this finished drawbot piece I had started last night as I was leaving. 

March 14, 2017 Shop Log

  • For a new project, I purchased a hand press grommet press. 
  • The new project is reusing old large vinyl banners into cable “slings” for a large canopy tent. I finished and mocked up the first one. 
  • I started rebuilding the waste board of my Shapeoko CNC Router. 

March 12, 2017 Shop Log

It has been a while since my last post here. I enjoy writing these brief journal entries, when I can remember to do them. Here is what I managed to do today:

  • Create a paper roll holder for the QuickDraw Bot. I hope to draw something interesting with it during each of my visits here at MakerCave. 
  • Cut (2) more light cover saddles with the Handibot. I have started using the Handibot more and more. I managed to set up VCarve and Showboat Controller Software onto the Levono Yoga 11e laptop and subsequently cut parts from the Handibot. Still an underutilized tool.

February 20, 2016 Shop Log

  • After several days trying to figure out how to boot my old Mac mini into Linux, Infinally succeeded and installed the machine here at MakerCave. My Samsung SyncMaster T22B350 has a separate VGA input, so I hooked up the Mac mini to that. The FreeGeek Desktop uses the HDMI input. With the remote, I can easily swap back and forth between the inputs; one monitor, two computers. I added an USB 2.0 Sharing Switch, and now one wireless keyboard and mouse, two computers.  

    Mac mini Installed at MakerCave

  • Template for wall holes for the Portland Community Media TV Shroud 

    Template for Wall Holes for the Portland Community Media TV Shroud

  • Broke down the Our Lady of Lourdes School Auction Lighting Pole Supports  

    Finally broke down the old Our Lady of Lourdes School Auction Lighting Pole Supports