February 24, 2019 Shop Log

In between tasks, I loaded the X-Carve with plywood blanks and cut out handles for some Type II Barricades I designed for the Amphitheater.
Using the Bridgeport Milling Machine, I drilled holes for the replacement supports for the Parking Equipment Trailer. I finished one half of the supports.
In preparation for making more Type II Barricades, I cut slats and handles.
I used Boxes.py and the FSL Muse Engraver and Cutter to create this storage tray for the Creality Ender 3 3D Printer we are donating for the Our Lady of Lourdes school auction.

February 17, 2019 Shop Log

I needed to start tidying up some of my equipment, like the dust collection barrels cluttering to the shop floor. For one of my Dust Deputy-equipped Shop-Vacs, I mounted the collection barrel on the top of the Shop-Vac cart with the help of the X-Carve CNC Router. This will make the Shop-Vac a bit easier to move around the shop.
Like I said, getting the Dust Deputy-equipped dust collection off the shop floor was a priority today. Now when I move the Shapeoko CNC Router Table, I am not dragging its dust collection system behind it.

The SD card for the QuickDraw Bot went back, and I had to re-flash a new operating system for the QuickDraw Bot. It is now back up and operational.

I started working on my rotating flip-top power tool bench to help reduce the amount of floor or bench space my power tools were taking up, especially those I seldom lay used.

February 2, 2019 Shop Log

I finally got the biscuit joiner off my bench and onto my rolling French cleat storage cart.
I also created storage from my small Ridgid drivers.
I started assembling a LED flood fixture I am plan to experiment with for the Amphitheater. I need to splice the four power tails of each of the individual fixtures together along with a power cord, so I ordered some Wago 221-415 LEVER-NUTS 5 Conductor Compact Connectors from Amazon.

Well, the time has come to plan for the future, and MakerCave will be moving from its current location. Our lease is up in June, and rather than renew, we will pack everything temporarily into storage and plan on building a new and better MakerCave at our new future homestead. I have started moving items into temporary storage.