April 30, 2017 Shop Log

  •  I had to replace the original pigtails on these LED flood lights with longer ones. I finished the wiring, and the test was positive. 
  • I finished my time lapse camera storage rack. A bit of 3D-printing and scrap plywood…
  • The Amphitheater season is about to begin. It is time to get the Arduino Vehicle Traffic Counters ready. 
  • Awhile ago, a windstorm had blew off our Platform 9-3/4 sign, damaging the edges. Luckily I could trim away the damage portions. Finally I got around to repainting the edges. 
  • While cleaning up, I discovered these gems. 

April 29, 2017 Shop Log 

  • With the wasteboard leveled and trammed to the spindle, I worked on finished a storage rack for the CEIA Handheld Metal Detectors at the Amphitheater. 
  • After cutting, I ran over to the Amphitheater to check to see if my initial measurements were correct and that the rack would hold the units. It did. 
  • Now I cut out the ends for the rack. 
  • I’m happy with the finished product. 

April 15, 2017 Shop Log

  • Using the Shapeoko, I drilled out the mounting holes for the new wasteboard. 
  • And here is an example why you should pay attention in math class…
  • I installed a fly cutter into the spindle and started flattening the new wasteboard. 
  • I soldered a new pigtail to the LED flood light for an Amphitheater work light. 
  • And a new piece to add to my art gallery…

Rapid Prototyping 

I made this bracket to mount a Raspberry Pi Zero W to the side of a TV. The idea was to remove the back TV cover screws on the bottom left hand corner and replace it with a longer screw to accommodate the bracket. 

One small design flaw though…

Oh well, by to Sketchup and redesign.