March 27, 2017 Shop Log

  • I installed the LCD Smart Controller on my Stacker 3D Commercial Printer. 
  • I finished the last (4) light cover saddles. 
  • I cut the odd-shaped wood scraps into usable pieces, making a slight dent in my scrap wood pile. 
  • I started printing a BCBFDF Geodesic Dome Connector. 
  • I started another piece of art. 

March 26, 2017 Shop Log

  • A successful print from the Stacker 3D Printer. I have been working on creating a geodesic dome with 3D-printed hubs and 3/4″ PVC pipe. However, I discovered that there are four different types of hubs, and I have only been printing one type. 
  • I reflashed the SD card for the QuickDraw Bot, and it is once more operational. 
  • I finished (3) more lightbcover saddles and cut the last (4) on the Handibot. 
  • I started assembling a LED flood light fixture. 
  • The supplied wiring for the LED lights is too short, so I need to replace it. 
  • Another addition to the MakerCave art gallery…
  • I found a bunch of scrap 1/2″ plywood, which had been occupying precious space. Cut and gone!

March 25, 2017 Shop Log

  • I updated the firmware on the QuickDraw Bot Raspberry Pi and lost its functionality, server communications error. Now I have to rebuild the Raspian image. 
  • I finished the sixth cable “sling”, which means I cleared away a old 7’x24′ vinyl banner from MakerCave. Only (2) more to get rid of…
  • I finally got around to working my expensive Stacker Commercial 3D Printer. I hooked it up to an OctoPi and started to print out a Geodesic Dome Connector. 
  • I drilled mounting holes in the 2″ angle steel for seat dollies at work. I finished (5) of the (20) needed. 
  • I cut (3) more light cover saddles and completed (3) light cover saddles. 
  • I cut (10) of the (40) plywood side pieces for the seat dollies. 
  • Somehow I tripped a breaker and lost power up in the loft here at MakerCave, including my Stacker 3D Printer. Luckily, the UPS saved my four-hour print from being ruined. I really should buy another and place my computer equipment on it. 
  • I discovered in a pile of parts and tools that came with my Sailrite Utrafeed Industrial Sewing Machine came a kickstand. 

March 20, 2017 Shop Log

  • I cut some “blanks” for the Shapeoko at home to continue to cut new light cover saddles. 
  • I cut some more light cover saddles with the Handibot. 
  • I glued together some more light cover saddles. 
  • I made a fifth cable “sling”. 
  • And my art gallery continues to grow…

March 19, 2017 Shop Log

  • Jill and I stopped at Rockler earlier where I could pick up some supplies for the Shapeoko waste board rebuilt. Some progress…
  • I decided to decorate the walls of MakerCave with the fruits of the QuickDraw Bot. 
  • I finished another cave “sling”.