January 2, 2021 Shop Log

I continue to tweak the design of the April Angel storage boxes I think this is the final design as I made it more fitting to the angel’s size.

McKenzie and I stopped at Goby this morning, and I picked up some Oregon white oak boards to make another fly rod holder to sell on Etsy. I started redesigning to correct some of the problems I ran into with the first one.

November 8, 2020 Shop Log

A couple of days ago, I redesigned and remade me material placement brackets for the X-Carve CNC Router. After the CNC homes itself, I usually have to set the XY zero an inch up and an inch right. I do this in order to clear the bit from the placement brackets. For consistency sake, I always set the XY zero an inch up and an inch right from the home position.

The original placement brackets didn’t take this into account, so I cut some shim to place between the brackets and material to offset the required distance. However, I didn’t like the ships as a long-term solution. I could misplace them or forget to utilize them when needed. I needed a more permanent solution, so I redesigned the placement brackets to integrate the necessary offset. No longer would I have to worry about losing or forgetting to use specific shims.

I came up with a new design for a eclectic sign to sell. The design would be the London Underground logo, but, rather than a particular station name, the phrase every Londoner knows, “mind the gap”. The iconic red circle with a horizontal bar in the middle of it would be an inlay. So today I have been teaching myself how to do inlays.