February 15, 2016 Shop Log

  • I started applying polycrylic to the Portland Community Media TV Shroud.  

    Polycrylic Coat on Portland Community Media TV Shroud

  • I ran a Ethernet cable from the router to the Apple TV.  

    Internet to the Apple TV

  • I built lifting blocks for the GT5000 NEC LCD Projector.  

    Lift Blocks for the GT5000 NEC LCD Projector

  • The power strip with a 25′ cord came from Amazon today, and I cleaned up the projector and Apple TV.  

    GT5000 NEC LCD Projector and Apple TV

  • The Apple TV will be nice when giving presentations.  

    Apple TV Projection

  • I am trying to repurpose an old Mac mini by putting Ubuntu on it.  

    Ubuntu onto a Mac mini

  •  The Mac mini turned out to be a bigger challenge than previously thought. The computer won’t boot from the SuperDrive. Also the hard drive is reported to be corrupted and in need of repair.