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Ridgefield WA 98642

Robotec RTJ-1390I Laser Cutter

Purchase History

  • Purchase Date:
  • Supplier: Robotec


Work Area1300x900mm
Laser Power150W
Laser TypeCO2 EFR F6
Cutting Speed0-4000 cm/min
Linear RailTaiwan HIWIN
Cooling SystemWater Chiller CW5200
Working Voltage220V
ControllerRuida 6445
Weight550 kg
Machine Size1850x1320x1110mm
Lens SizeMeniscus Lens
20mm diameter
63.5 focal length
orientation convex side toward laser

Controller Software

I purchased a license for LightBurn.


This cutter is equipped with a meniscus lens, which has one concave surface and one convex surface.This creates a smaller beam diameter, reducing the spherical aberration and beam waste when precision cutting or marking, providing a smaller spot size with increased power density at the work piece. (Source: