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February 2015: Interesting Projects

Make your own Camera Obscura #celebratephotography #ValentinesDay: It’s winter. It’s cold. Going outside can get to be a chore. – Tags: things to make –

Helping Those In Need With A Portable 3D Printed Wind Turbine: In today’s connected world, cellular service is often more ubiquitous than the power needed to charge the phones. – by Matt Stultz – Tags: things to make –

Build a Lumber Storage Cart to Hold Half Sheet Plywood and Scraps: Organizing scrap lumber is a challenge. You need to keep pieces readily available, but out of harms way. This lumber storage cart can be built in a weekend and will hold everything you need. Not many people store full plywood sheets, but keeping 4×8 half sheets is common. – by Timothy Dahl – Tags: things to make –

Pro Tip : You Can 3D Print Parts from McMaster-Carr: I don’t know about you but sometimes it feels like I can plan and measure all I want and then I order the parts I think I need and they’re not exactly right. This can be nerve-wracking, annoying, and expensive when you’re spec’ing high-priced parts. – by Gareth Branwyn – Tags: things to make –

Layer By Layer – Making Enclosure for PiTFT: In this weeks tutorial, we’re going to build the 3.5” PiTFT and design a mounting bracket. This approach we’ll using the screen mounting tabs to attach it to enclosures. The standoffs are set in front of the screen, making the surface of the bracket clean and non-intrusive. – Tags: things to make –

Made a deer head for decorat with cnc: i find this plan in here and i gut a new cnc cut plan after changing a bit in the base map. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: i share dwg and skp file of my plan here. after cut the parts it is better that you paint them before merging. have a good time. – by MSH – Tags: things to make –

Printable Star Wars Valentine : MAKE : Craft: Here’s an adorable Star Wars themed Valentine you can print right at home. The addition of the glow stick as Yoda’s light saber is pure crafty genius! This free printable comes to you from the Design Wash Rinse Repeat blog. Be sure to click around there for more fantastic project ideas. – by Agnes Niewiadomski – Tags: things to make –

How to make a tabletop telepresence robot to beam yourself into meetings: I manage TED’s online community from my home on the West Coast, and while many of my interactions are with people based all over the world, the majority of my colleagues are based across the country at TED HQ in New York City. – by Aja Bogdanoff – Tags: things to make –

Raspberry Pi Mini 3D Printing Monitor: Hey folks, Thought I’d share an update to my MiniMac Pi Project. I just recently got around to installing the update to the resistive touch PiTFT image. Setup was pretty straightforward. It does however boot up in portrait mode by default. – Tags: things to make –

How-To: Wi-Fi Detecting Sting Hobbit Sword: In the shadows of Mordor, a sword that alerts you when Orcs are near is a pretty great thing to have. In real life, Sting (Biblo Baggins’ magical sword that turns blue at the detection of Orcs) would be pretty unnecessary. And boring. That’s where WarSting comes in. – by Krista Peryer – Tags: things to make –

Turn an Old French Door into a Picture Frame Coat Rack: This looks like a great project for a mud room or entryway: Repurpose a French door into a photo gallery and coat rack. The picture’s probably all you need to know, other than making sure you measure the size of the window openings (these are 9.5×13) and bolt the heavy door to wall studs. – by Melanie Pinola – Tags: things to make –

How-To: PVC Pipe Christmas Tree: Have a stylish modern home? Make yourself a stylish modern Christmas tree! Check out this neat DIY PVC pipe christmas tree tutorial from Martha Stewart. Unexpected materials, fantastic results! – by Haley Pierson-Cox – Tags: things to make –

SNOWFLAKE BALLERINAS for Crafty Moms: This time KROKOTAK js only the photographer. The idea belongs to Interior designer Tanya Ahmed (UNICATO DESIGN STUDIO) was preparing the ballerinas for her daughter’s bedroom. They are a bit difficult for little hands but crafty moms would certainly manage. – Tags: things to make –

Hang Anything On Your Wall with a French Cleat Storage System: Workshop storage is a constant battle, but the use of a french cleat storage system will securely display your tools and accessories, keeping them off your table and out of your drawers. You can spend money on a myriad of wall storage solutions or build one yourself like this hinged pegboard. – by Timothy Dahl – Tags: things to make –