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WP Stacker link collection: December with 325 links

Twisted Christmas Tree – A Holiday Woodworking Project: Santa joined me in the shop and we made a wooden Twisted Christmas Tree! It’s made from unfinished cedar so it even smel… –

How to make a homemade Pizza Oven: This is a step by step guide on how to build a homemade pizza oven from scratch!! This is a great, relatively cheap project, that will keep you entertained all through the summer and surprisingly, even the winter!! This always ends up getting lit at every party and actually becomes quite the ce – by Phil Reilly –

Print Your Own D*mn Presents: Minifig Madness!: Superstar 3DP object designer Michael Curry (aka Skimbal) designed a plethora of incredible jumbo minifigs that can be fabricated on additive desktop machines. – by Anna Kaziunas France –

3D CAD Modeler, ABS material separation fix: So here is a neat trick that I found out about that I wanted to share. – by nneylan –

Christmas Lights Installer Pole: We have all experienced the frustration of trying to string up the Christmas lights around the house or in the yard, but most of all for me, it’s hanging lights in the large trees in my front yard. That’s why I built my Christmas Lights Installer Pole. – by KelHelmick –

DIY Tiny 3-Axis CNC powered by Adafruit Trinket: I just got my Tiny 3-Axis CNC to work with the Adafruit Trinket (courtesy of Hackaday!). While it doesn’t yet work with the Adafruit Fake Serial, that’s my next goal. Join my drawing robot newsletter http://shor. – by Tyler Cooper –

Switch v2 Modular Pocket Knife: Pocket knives are handy, but have you ever noticed that even if you have a 9999-function knife, you only use a small percentage of the tools available to you? It sucks to have to upgrade to a more expensive knife to get one tool you need and five that you don’t. –

10 Great Minimalist Superhero Wallpapers for your iPhone: No Comments » Categories : Wallpapers –

How to Upgrade Your Garage Workshop Without Spending a Fortune: If you have a garage workshop, there are lots of ways to improve it without breaking the bank. The team at The Family Handyman share five of them here. This post originally appeared on The Family Handyman. Copyright © 2010 The Family Handyman magazine. All Rights Reserved. – by Tessa Miller, on Lifehacker –

#3DxHolidays – Making of Victoria’s Secret Snow Angel Spreads Her 3D Printed Wings Outfit #3DThursday #3DPrinting #3DScanning: Supermodel Lindsay Ellingson will be wearing the 3D printed outfit that was designed to exactly fit her body based on a 3D scan. –

Maker’s Portfolio Video Becomes Touching Remembrance: I posted this video to my Facebook wall earlier today and it’s gotten such a strong response, I thought I’d post it here on MAKE. – by Gareth Branwyn –

LED Trinket Tree Topper: Moravian Stars come in various sizes and number of facets… the most common is the 26-point form which is composed of eighteen square and eight triangular shaped points. The star featured here is an adaption, using one of the points / facets to mount the star atop a tree. – by Rick Winscot –

Fix Your Computer Hunch and Other Posture Problems in 30 Seconds: This one exercise can greatly improve your mobility and flexibility—and cure the many ills that come from sitting hunched in front of a screen all day. It takes just 30 seconds and you don’t need any equipment. Max Shank teaches us how to do this move, called the Thoracic Bridge. – by Melanie Pinola, on Lifehacker –

The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar: ‘; if (google_ads[0].bidtype == ‘CPC’) { /* insert this snippet for each ad call */ google_adnum = google_adnum + google_ads.length; } document. – by on io9, Cyriaque Lamar –

BladeKey – Key Organizer: An easy to use “Swiss-Army” like organizer for keys! Tired of your keys being a big sharp ball of metal? Tired of your keys making a bunch of noise as you walk around? The BladeKey key organizer solves those problems by keeping your keys in order. – by Jamesdavid –

The Making of Kinematics: Most of our projects start with a natural inspiration, but Kinematics emerged from a very different perspective. This project started with a technical problem: how can we create large objects quickly on a desktop 3D printer? – by Jesse Louis-Rosenberg –

MakerBot + RaspberryPi + Google Chrome = HappyMaker!: We recently acquired a MakerBot Replicator 2 here at Truth Labs. He is affectionately known as Arnold of Villanova II (Arnold for short). In the maker spirit, we rolled our own chrome extension to let us know what Arnold is up to. We used some cool tech – s3g Protocol, Raspberry Pi, Node. – by Jason George –

Raspberry Pi as low-cost HD surveillance camera: This instructable describes how to build a surveillance cam based on a Raspberry Pi micro-computer which records HD video when something moves in the monitored area. Live picture can be viewed from any web browser, even from your mobile while you’re on the road. – by scavix –

Turnabout is fair play: Bitcoins mined with Adafruit’s miner used to buy Adafruit products: When Adafruit Industries, a leader in open-source hardware manufacturing, published a Bitcoin mining tutorial last summer, helping people mine the controversial digital currency to purchase Adafruit products was not the goal. But that’s just what happened. – by Daniel Terdiman –

Extend native file handling in OS X. OSXFUSE allows you to extend OS X’s native file-handling capabilities via third-party file systems. It is a successor to MacFUSE, which is no longer being maintained. –

The Thermapen Is the Last Cooking Thermometer You’ll Ever Need: The Thermapen is an instant read thermometer that will make sure you never under or overcook your food. It takes readings in less than three seconds, is accurate to less than a degree, and is designed to last for ages. – by Alan Henry, on Lifehacker –

How to Build a Tiny CNC Drawing Robot: The [below] are nearly all the tools and parts you’ll need to build your own itty bitty CNC drawing robot.1 If you have a 3D printer and a spare Arduino, the rest of the parts should cost you around $20. – by Tyler Cooper –

GoldieBlox, Rube Goldberg, & Beastie Boys : — check out the toys and behind the scenes. We’re GoldieBlox, a toy company out to show the world that girls deserve more choices than … –

Take Photos From Above the Eyes for Great Portraits: When you are snapping a portrait picture, hold your camera above the eye-line of your subject, advises professional photographer Joe Sinnott. About 20 or 30 degrees higher than the eyes is a good spot. – by on Lifehacker, Mihir Patkar –

Premium Mathematica software free on budget Raspberry Pi: Not since Steve Jobs’ Next computers did Wolfram Research offer Mathematica, its premium mathematics, processing, and analysis software, for free. The Next was an expensive, higher-end workstation. – by Stephen Shankland –

Restless America: state-to-state migration in 2012: Approximately 7.1 million Americans moved to another state in 2012. That’s over 2.2% of the U.S. population. The United States has a long history of people picking up and moving their families to other parts of the country, in search of better livelihoods. – by Chris Walker –

Mapping America’s Restless Interstate Migration Without a Map: There is a temptation with any kind of data that has a geographical aspect to display it on a map. While maps are by far the best way to convey many of these data, sometimes they are not. This is one of those times. – by Betsy Mason –

Piano Stairs with Arduino and Raspberry Pi: Who doesn’t love music? These Piano Stairs are an interactive, relatively portable, musical installation that can be applied to basically any stairwell. I built them for HackPrinceton and won 2nd place in the hardware track. – by bonniee –

How To Freeze Moving Subjects in a Long Exposure Photo: So you have this idea for a photograph where you’ve smoothed out the water on a lake using a long exposure, but want to capture the wildlife swimming on said lake frozen in place – or something similar?  I had that same vision and I’m going to show you how I accomplished it below, so you can – by John Davenport –

Make Your Own Mega Make: Download the design files, 3D print, assemble, glue, and save the world from alien invaders! Mega Make’s origins are a rough sketch in my maker’s notebook, drawn in a sushi restaurant during lunch with my supervisor. – by Dan Spangler –

Make a DIY Laser Tripwire Alarm For Just a Few Bucks: When it comes to home security, it’s simpler than you’d think to DIY a quality system. What’s a security system without lasers, though? In the video above, MAKE Magazine shows how to create your own laser tripwire for just a few dollars worth of electronics equipment. – by Eric Ravenscraft, on Lifehacker –

Grow Squash Vertically: Gardeners are sometimes reluctant to grow squash because they tend to ramble, taking far more than their fair share of space. We have overcome the space grabber tendency by growing our Butternut squash vertically on what we call a “squash tunnel”. – by dstoudt –

Now You Can 3D Print Priceless Smithsonian Artifacts – ReadWrite: The Wright Brothers’ airplane. The Cosmic Buddha. A fossilized Woolly Mammoth. For decades, the only way to see artifacts like these has been to visit the Smithsonian museums in Washington, DC. –

The Next Big Thing You Missed: If the Apple Store Sold Groceries: Local Mission Market, a new San Francisco grocer, is trying to reimagine food shopping through the lens of user experience. Photo: Josh Valcarcel/WIREDThe owners of Local Mission market believe they can bring people closer to what and how they eat. – by Marcus Wohlsen –

Full Body Scanning with the Scan-O-Tron 3000: When the 3D scanning software ReconstructMe came out last year, I was really excited about scanning people, but the plethora of office-chair-spin 3D prints shared online left me a little disappointed. I wanted more! – by Fred –

Multiple Raspberry PI 3D Scanner: I knew I had to come up with a way to instantly take many images at the same time. So I first started to research what cheap digital cameras exists. If I could find a cheap model, I probably could make an automated trigger system using arduinos. – by The –

Math Write for iPad: Legends of Ooo – Adventure Time for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for free The iTunes App Store offers downloads of Legends of Ooo – Adventure Time for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for free. That’s a $1 drop, tied with our mention from four weeks ago, and the best deal w… –

How to Use Repetier-Host: Some 3D printing software is easier to learn than others. Repetier-Host is one of the tougher ones to get familiar with, and can sometimes discourage people from operating their printers. Since I found this software difficult to learn, I’ve written some instructions to help people get started. – by Nick Parks –

Strung Along: Twine Guides Visitors Through Abandonments: Acting as a minimalist and silent tour guide, lengths of black yarn were carefully suspended to direct guests along a route through the broken walls of a deserted series of tightly-packed structures in Beijing. – by Urbanist –

Install motion on a Raspberry Pi: This is how I got my Raspberry Pi up and running with motion, using the Raspberry Pi camera Module. At this point we assume raspbian is installed. – by bld –

Thor hammer build! (video): Thor hammer build! (video). –

Build Your Own Bicycle-Powered Battery for Emergency Power: At some point, you’ll be caught without power. If you’re lucky, it’ll come back, but if you’re stuck in a situation like last year’s Hurricane Sandy, it might be a while, and you’ll need another way to keep your gear powered. – by Alan Henry, on Lifehacker –

US Armed Forces : MP3 Albums for $5, Singles for 69 cents at Amazon: Arcade Fire, The Who, more The Amazon MP3 Store offers downloads of 100 MP3 albums for $5 each. That puts many titles well below what iTunes charges, which is generally at least $9.99. That’s tied with our mention from last… –

Tiles of Infinity – Infinite Geometric Patterns: In the real world, very infrequently is there just one way to solve a puzzle. But most of the puzzles we give our kids are exactly that. Give them a puzzle that makes them think outside that cardboard box with these Tiles of Infinity. –

The Art Of Panning: Panning is the horizontal movement of a camera as it scans a moving subject. When you pan you’re moving your camera in synchronicity with your subject as it moves parallel to you.  Still a little wordy huh? It’s not as complicated as it sounds.  Shake your head “no.” Go on and do it. – by Natalie Norton –

OpenPGP on OS X (was GPGTools Installer). GPG Suite is an open source installer for OS X. It installs all related OpenPGP applications, plugins and dependencies. –

The MicroSlice | A tiny Arduino laser cutter: What are the features of the MicroSlice? – by SilverJimny –

Adjust cursor speed and acceleration. CursorSense is the only application that adjusts the cursor speed and acceleration (tracking speed). By adjusting both values, you can move the cursor just like you move your hand. All mice and trackpads are supported. For Drawing: Setting acceleration to 0 will make the cursor movement flat. –

Enginursday: Visually Programming Arduino: I got my first taste of programming with RCX Code and an old Mindstorms RCX 1.0, so maybe it’s nostalgia speaking, but I really admire visual programming languages for their ability to introduce younger folks to programming. – by Jimb –

Tile Trends from Cersaie 2013: Without a doubt, Italy blazes the trail when it comes to tile but other countries are slowly trying to catch up to their innovative approaches. Design Milk recently headed to Bologna, Italy, to attend Cersaie, the international tile and bathroom furnishings exhibition to check it all out. – by Caroline Williamson –

Photojojo’s GIF Guide : Your Giffiest Questions, Answered: Our friend Margo (dancin’ on the right there) has a real gift for making gifs. She can crank out a masterful gif, in a jiff. –

Boxie Is a Feature-Packed Dropbox App for iPhone Power Users: Boxie has a few features that make it stand out from the official Dropbox app. Notably, the search bar allows you to refine your search to folders or subfolders so you can actually find the files you’re looking for. – by Thorin Klosowski, on Lifehacker –

Microsoft Releases Remote Desktop for Android and iOS: Android/iOS: Alongside Windows 8.1, Microsoft released its Remote Desktop application today for both Android and iOS. This makes it easy to control your Windows desktop from your Android or iOS device. – by Thorin Klosowski, on Lifehacker –

Autodesk Labs Project Miller: Gcode simulator tests your print virtually before you waste plastic #3DThursday #3DPrinting: Optimize and validate your design before you build it. Autodesk Simulation is extending this mission to the growing community of 3D printers. Project Miller is a free technology preview developed to improve results with 3D printing. –

Introducing the Adafruit TRINKET (video): Trinket may be small, but do not be fooled by its size! It’s a tiny microcontroller board, built around the Atmel ATtiny85, a little chip with a lot of power. We wanted to design a microcontroller board that was small enough to fit into any project, and low cost enough to use without hesitation. –

Clever Cord Organization: 14 Solutions to Manage Clutter: A mass of tangled cables doesn’t exactly make for a nice-looking space, whether it’s a desk covered in computer equipment or a game system in a prominent corner of the living room. – by Steph –

Frame & Rail: Viewing 1-16 of 17 –

Convert an ATX Computer Power Supply into a Bench Top Power Supply: There are a bunch of references for building them. First thing I did was find a supply laying around I could use. You can reference the diagram below for the color coding of the ATX supplies. ATX supplies can put out a good amount of current. – by Yettimania –

Inkpad for iPad: iPhone and iPad App Freebies: Ascension, Real Steel, FairyFail, more Below, we’ve rounded up several free game downloads for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Each is between $1 and $5 off. The deals: Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer for iPhone, iPod touch, an… –

Enginursday – RFID technology: Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) is technology that allows machines to identify an object without touching it, even without a clear line of sight. Furthermore, this technology can be used to identify several objects simultaneously. – by Paul Smith –

Scratch for Arduino Makes Programing the Arduino More Visual: Windows/Mac/Linux: Programming an Arduino isn’t especially difficult, but if you’re looking for a more visual method, Scratch for Arduino (S4A) uses MIT’s Scratch as a groundwork for teaching kids (or beginners) how to program an Arduino. – by Thorin Klosowski, on Lifehacker –

Easy 3D Scanning for 3D Printing Mac & PC At Techshop or Online with Xbox Kinect: Do you have an Xbox kinect laying around? Well get ready because today’s your lucky 3D printing Day! Goal: To Make a 3D scan of a person for easy printing at Techshop. I am going to demonstrate using a free version of Skanect and the Pro Version. – by cornelius –

3D Printed Dalek Transformer: Sci Fi fans have got to love this 3D printed mash-up of Dr Who and the Transformers. Andrew Lindsey, who previously designed the 3D printed Tardis Prime, decided he needed an even harder challenge. Enter the Dalek Transformer! From Andrew’s own blog: – by Andrew Terranova –

Freakduino 900 MHz Goes Long Distance: Designed by Chris “Akiba” Wang of Tokyo Hackerspace and its geiger counter project, Freaklabs’ Freakduino combines an Arduino with a built-in wireless board, giving you the ability to transmit data wirelessly without buying extra components. The new Freakduino 900 Mhz v2. – by John Baichtal –

PourSteady Coffebot Creates a Buzz at Maker Faire: Makers follow passion pursuits. Coffee lovers chase the perfect cup. Between the two there’s not much difference when you hear the story of Mark Sibenac and Stuart Heys who, in their pursuit of great coffee, applied their engineering skills to build a coffee-making robot. – by Travis Good –

What Kids Should Know About Their Family’s History: One predictor of a child’s future well-being (such as self-esteem, anxiety and depression levels, and family cohesiveness) is how well the child knows his/her family history. The more family stories, the better. – by Melanie Pinola, on Lifehacker –

Moar Neo Pixel Ring Goggles #WearableWednesday: Super cute minion with NeoPixel ring goggles from dl_evans! – by Risa Rose –

ProfTweak: a MakerWare profile editor #3DThursday #3DPrinting: I’m a big fan of MakerWare and the MakerBot slicer. The recent improvements in rafts, supports and general slicing quality are impressive. – by Read more. –

Mac-tailored, OpenOffice-based productivity suite (donation-ware). NeoOffice is a fully-featured set of office applications (including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and database programs) for Mac OS X. Based on the OpenOffice. –

Starry Light by Anagraphic: The Starry Light, a collection of constellation lamps, comes from a collaboration between graphic designer Anna Farkas, of Anagraphic, and interior designer Miklós Batisz based on Anna’s original idea to have a lamp as a piece of art. – by Caroline Williamson –

PocketNC, an Affordable Five-Axis CNC: Jaws drop when makers see a five-axis CNC at work. That’s what happened to me when I saw PocketNC performing its magic. I peered closely and saw a spindle moving along two axes milling a piece of plastic mounted on a trunnion moving along/around three axes. – by Travis Good –

Why Your Machine Needs a TinyG: The TinyG is an embedded, multi-axis motion control system from Synthetos designed for CNC applications that require highly precise motion control for small to medium sized motors. – by Anna Kaziunas France –

How to make a better cross cut sled: Crosscut sleds are essential for woodworkers with traditional table saws. They make cross cutting operations a lot more accurate, a lot cleaner, and a lot safer. With a couple neat tricks, you can really expand the usefulness of this jig. I have quite a few sleds for different operations. – by joelav –

Watch a girl age decades, almost imperceptibly, in minutes: Yesterday I saw a photo of myself from 16 years ago. I was struck by how the years — and all that hair — seem to have slipped away so quickly. It feels like I’ll wake up tomorrow and it’ll be 2030. By then, of course, we’ll be uploading our minds to our immortal robot clones. – by Tim Hornyak –

Iron Man 3 Deluxe Hero Tony Stark Light-Up LED Shirt: You’re looking smart! The difference between you and Tony Stark isn’t the billions of dollars in his bank account, the triple digit IQ that flirts with the line between human and machine, or his alter ego superhero battle suit. It’s his fashion sense. –

Starry Light: Hand-Crafted Shell Lamps Cast Stellar Patterns: Innocuous spheres by day, the carefully handmade holes dotting these coconut shells are hard to even see until they light up at night, morphing from muted balls to bright orbs. – by Urbanist –

World’s First 3D-Printed Architecture by Smith Allen Studio: Bryan Allen and Stephanie Smith of Smith Allen Studio may have created the world’s first 3D-printed architecture with their Echoviren structure. Made of assembled 3D-printed bricks, Echoviren was  a site responsive, 3D printed architectural installation as part of the Project 387 Residency. – by Jaime Derringer –

Making Fun: Tooth Fairy Tooth Transport: When my older son discovered his first wiggly tooth, I realized that I had the chance to define the Tooth Fairy experience for another generation. As I ponde… –

Computer Printer Salvage: It’s easy to build up a “junk box” of items you can use to build projects seen in MAKE — or just about anything you can imagine. Many of my articles for MAKE take advantage of found components, often picked out of trash bins. – by Thomas Arey N2EI –

Bicycle-Powered Treehouse Elevator: Ethan Schlussler of Sandpoint, Idaho, built this clever bicycle-powered treehouse elevator to make it easier to reach his nearly 30-foot-high treehouse. – by Laura Cochrane –

Flutter: A $20 Arduino with a wireless half-mile range: We’re currently living in the golden age of tiny, cheap computers and boards that are primarily used for do-it-yourself projects. – by James Plafke –

A Backyard Room: Kenjo Outdoor Cottage: Swedish company Kenjo is back with a new prefab called Friluftsstugan, or Outdoor Cottage. The new cottage was designed by Johan Svartnäs and comes complete with a movable roof. The upper roof slides out over the exterior wooden deck to make way for a covered outdoor space. – by Caroline Williamson –

Study: 40 hours of complex StarCraft is good for the brain: Playing 40 hours or Starcraft, the real-time strategy game pitting humans and two alien species against each other, can make people think more flexibly. – by Stephen Shankland –

Cardboard Dinosaur Puzzle: Step 1: Materials The primary material that you need for this project is corrugated cardboard. For making a large puzzle, I highly recommend using double layered cardboard. If you don’t have easy access to two-ply cardboard, don’t worry. – by DIYHacksAndHowTos –

Cool Tools – Dogbone Wrench: I’ve used it three years. Keep it in my desk and use it much more frequently than my socket set. I always have the right size wrench handy in a single tool, and it rotates, so it functions more like a socket than a crescent wrench. Design has been around for years. –

ioSafe N2 – Your own Private Muscly Cloud: I wrote recently about the Synology NAS, I will write more about it soon as I’ve added to it! But there are, as they say, two sides to every story and here’s the other side to that story! – by Sime –

Apple buys transit-app maker Embark: Apple has picked up another mapping company, its third this year. The tech giant recently snapped up Embark, a company with myriad localized transit apps for cities like New York, San Francisco, and London, reports Jessica Lessin. – by Josh Lowensohn –

System Lens Shows You What’s Eating Your Mac’s Battery: OS X: Got an app or two running down your battery? Never really sure what it is? System Lens pays attention to active processes and how much they utilize the CPU. It warns you of the greedy ones so you can keep an eye on what’s killing your battery. – by Adam Dachis, on Lifehacker –

10 Editing Tips for Making Killer Instagram Videos: Shoot it on your phone. Shooting videos on your phone is obviously the fastest way to get videos onto your phone.. But did you know there are lots of options besides shooting within the Instagram app? Yeah! It’s actually quite refreshing to shoot video outside the Instagram app. –

Flying Pants – 3D printed Flapping Plane #3DThursday #3DPrinting: Fascinating! The “pants” part is a translation issue, but somehow is an evocative word for these strange flying ornithopters. Fascinating to watch! I can see the wind up flying pants (translated) become an instant hit. –

Traffic Counter Guide: No articles found. We were not able to detect any articles yet. –

Vinyl Cutter Tips After 30 Hours Of Experience: TIP: At this stage it is helpful when working solo on larger pieces to place the vinyl onto the transfer sheeting by unrolling the transfer sheeting with sticky side up and placing pre-cut sections of your weeded vinyl onto the upside down transfer sheeting. – by sflettering –

Getting a Kinect working with Processing on a Mac: The history behind how Kinect was “hacked” is a worthwhile read. After access to the Kinect’s capabilities was opened up, there was a huge explosion of projects that revolved around the Kinect. Historically, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is considered a monument for technology. – by ElectricSlim –

Altoid Projects – by TimsProjects –

PVC Dremel drill press: PVC is easy find material. Not only work for plumbing, it also can make many things. Here is how I made a Dremel drill press with PVC. All of the materials could be found in local hardware stores. Tips: 1)The spring is from 4″ sprinkler body. 2)The 1 1/2″conduit clamp is just fitting Dremel 4000. – by amjohnny –

President Obama outlines four NSA reform initiatives: President Barack Obama defended the government’s intelligence gathering policies, but outlined four initiatives to assuage concerns among Americans and foreigners regarding the legality of U.S. surveillance activities. – by Dan Farber –

Cool Tools – Fort Magic: My 10-year-old daughter and her friends love playing with the Fort Magic kit. It’s a box of PVC pipes and connecters, along with clips to attach sheets or tarps. You can build all sorts of things with them, from dangerous blow guns (we use cotton balls and tape with a big needle) to clubhouses. –

OS X apps run on Linux with Wine-like emulator for Mac software: Linux users who want to run Windows applications without switching operating systems have been able to do so for years with Wine, software that lets apps designed for Windows run on Unix-like systems. – by Jon Brodkin –

XSP Series Streetlight: Designed from the bottom up as a totally optimized LED street light system, the XSP Series delivers incredible efficiency of up to 100 lumens per watt, and up to double the lumens per dollar of previous generations of LED street lights without sacrificing application performance. –

Custom Built MIDI Controller: I came across a company based in Texas by the name of Livid Instruments. –

Cool Tools – MyScriptFont: I’ve long wanted a font based on my own hand. The easiest, cheapest and quickest way is MyScriptFont. –

Repair Rebel Multitool – Is Round Better Than Folding?: The Repair Rebel, created by Thomas Smafield, is a 24-feature multitool cast out of solid titanium, with no moving parts, featuring hex heads, a torx head, spoke keys, and screwdrivers. Its manufacture is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign if that’s your thing. – by John Baichtal –

Best 3D Printing Plugins for Sketchup: Sketchup is a great tool for creating models for 3D printing. I recently built my own 3D printer and have been learning a lot about how to design printable models in Sketchup. These are the 3 plugins I can’t live without when modeling things for my printer. – by Matt Donley –

How to Keep Anxiety in Check When You’re at the Office: I had my first panic attack at 19. It was in the middle of a presentation for my internship. As I stood in front of a panel of the company’s executives and all my fellow interns, something happened. I started to get lightheaded as I felt all their eyes on me, I started to shake and I froze. – by Meredith Fineman –

Non-Standard Child Bicycle Fit to Tandem with Adult Bike: The Rennrad 18 is a running bicycle and children’s bike in one. It is a product of the German company S’cool kids bikes and has been developed by deVELOpment engineering GmbH. – by openproducts –

Don’t Think of Your Home as an Investment: When buying a house, it’s common advice to treat it as an investment. To a certain extent, that’s a good idea, but as some experts have pointed out, it’s a little more complicated than that. – by Eric Ravenscraft, on Lifehacker –

A field guide to surviving a mass extinction: Recently, we had a look at the hellish conditions that prevailed after the impact that wiped out the non-avian dinosaurs. The impact sent lots of debris high into the atmosphere, most of which then heated up during re-entry, creating a global heat pulse that ignited fires across the planet. – by John Timmer –

Lifehacker Pack for Android 2013: Our List of the Best Android Apps: There’s no shortage of great Android apps, and because the ecosystem is so popular (and growing!) there are more worth looking at every day. – by Alan Henry, on Lifehacker –

Wall Garden!!!!: Materials 4 fake flowers Wall putty they will still be one the stems when you get them but when I got theses I didn’t think of making an instructables out of It Step 1: Cutting Cut the stems off of the fake flowers – by aqua –

The Makerspace Workbench: Early Book Release Now Available!: Adam Kemp’s upcoming MAKE book, The Makerspace Workbench, is now available for sale as an early release ebook. Early release ebooks give you access to books in their earliest form — Adam’s raw and unedited content as he writes. –

Construction Ventilator: What is it? How do you use it?: This instructable focuses on fitting a filter to a ventilator fan. To create a negative pressure in the work area you will need to put up a cloth or plastic sheet to block the doorway to the room, and will need to keep the windows closed. I use a strip door like P/N 8447A11 from McMaster. – by Mechenger –

Old PC Fan —-> Wind Turbine in 10 Minutes: The concept is simple. You can skip this part and start directly with the conversion. The BLDC motor used here has a stator winding and a Permanent Magnet Rotor. The motor is supplied by 12V DC. But the magnetic field rotation is generated by electronics ( Electronic Commutator ) . – by ahmedebeed –

Vinyl Record Bowl: Anyone can make this fun, vintage bowl in less than ten minutes with barely any materials. Step 1: Materials Two or three oven-proof nesting bowls (preferrably metal) – I used three just to make the process quicker because I was making 30. – by jessicahenderson –

Band Saw Projects – by Sam DeRose –

Milling Projects – by Sam DeRose –

Tensegrity Talkback: For the Museum of Mathematics The column on do-it-yourself tensegrity generated a couple of interesting responses. – by Glen Whitney –

Making Fun : Sneetches : Putting Stars Upon Thars: In Dr. Seuss’s story about the Sneetches, birds with plain bellies are shunned by birds with stars on their bellies. A stranger comes to town and offers the “plain-bellies” a chance to be just like the “star-bellies” by taking a trip through his Star-On Machine. –

Bill Gates’ reported $8.7M Florida equestrian estate: A trust called the Mallet Hill Trust is linked to Gates through one of the trustees, Bill McCaughan, Gossip Extra reported last week. McCaughan is a partner at the Miami branch of the Seattle-based K&L Gates law firm founded by Gates’ father. – by James Martin –$8.7m-florida-equestrian-estate/

Propeller Driven Pendulum: This is a simple project using a toy motor with propeller to drive a pendulum. The problem I encountered while making the mechanism was how to drive the motor only when the pendulum was going forward. – by JimRD –

How-To : LED Photo Lights: What do you use to light small objects you’re trying to photograph? MAKE contributing editor and author of the bestselling Make: Electronics book Charles Platt found that electronic flash is overkill and photo lights are too bulky and hot, so he built an array of miniature LED photo lights and sh – by Goli Mohammadi –

Logitech S315i Multimedia Speaker System: Pioneer Water-Resistant Earbuds for $0 after rebate + free shipping newegg offers the Pioneer Water-Resistant In-Ear Headphones in Blue, model no. SE-CL331-L, for $19.99. This $19.99 mail-in rebate cuts them to $0. With free shipping, that’s tied with a deal in a… –

Google wants secret court to grant publication of two data points: In response to the ongoing PRISM scandal, Google filed a motion (PDF) on Tuesday with the notoriously secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), saying that the company’s “business has been harmed by the false or misleading reports in the media, and Google’s users are conc – by Cyrus Farivar –

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Syncs two user-specified folders. Please visit author’s website for other version (Carbon or Cocoa) and old versions (PPC, previous systems, etc.). –

HomeMade Modern DIY Puzzle Stool: ¾” PlywoodPurchase at Home Depot There are many types of plywood with different laminations and surfaces. I used ¾” furniture-grade plywood with a sanded finish. – by homemademodern –

Decor on Demand: 14 3D-Printed Home Accents: 3D printing has enabled designers to take the manufacturing process into their own hands for the creation of one-of-a-kind objects, many of which you can buy to liven up your home decor. – by Steph –

The World’s First Timber-Framed Skyscraper: Architecture, like electronics, is dominated by metal. Steel (and concrete) have been the defacto way to make tall buildings stand up since the skyscraper came around some one hundred years ago. But now Scandinavian firm C. F. –

McMaster-Carr app: McMaster-Carr app via EMSL. McMaster-Carr is the complete source for everything in your plant. Order over 510,000 products from the palm of your hand. –

Two Houses Become One: Wall House by Farm: Singapore architectural firm FARM took two independent homes and reimagined them into one coherent whole. Called The Wall House, the homes actually span two blocks and are separated, as requested by the retired clients. – by Jaime Derringer –

Happy Trails: 10 Essential Tools to Pack on Your Next Hike: Right now — late spring and early summer — is the best time of the year to hit the trails. The weather is cooler, with the winter storms having passed, and the stifling dog days of late summer are still months away. – by Gadget Lab Staff –

Prototypes That Last : Simple Tips for Making Durable Parts, Part 2: Advances in low-cost 3D printing and CNC machining have made it easy for a growing number of hobbyists to design and manufacture complex parts in the privacy of their homes. – by Michal Zalewski –

Unpaid No More: Interns Win Major Court Battle: A federal court in New York has ruled that a group of interns at Fox Searchlight Pictures should have been paid for their work on the movie Black Swan. The decision may have broad implications for students looking for their first job. Eric Glatt filed the federal lawsuit against Fox. – by Tovia Smith –

Self watering vertical garden with recycled water bottles: Here how i made my vertical vegetable garden, starting from used big water bottles as planters. – by tiero –

Ornithopter: This is a rubber band powered Ornithopter concept optimised for 3D printing. An Orthinopter is an aircraft that uses its moving wings to create lift (as seen in Da Vinici’s drawings). 3D printing allows the creation of very lightweight and strong forms. – by skorpijon –

Techshop SF Vinyl Printer – by sflettering –

AT&T ends 20-month early upgrades, forces customers to wait two years: AT&T yesterday announced that customers must now wait 24 months before becoming eligible to buy new phones at subsidized prices. Previously, customers could upgrade at reduced rates with the signing of a new contract 20 months after their previous phone purchase. – by Jon Brodkin –

Instant Tetrahedron Report: In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice they are not. — variously attributed (Albert Einstein, Yogi Berra, Jan L. A. van de Schnepsheut, among others) – by Glen Whitney –

Ten Tips for Hand Saws and Blades: There are a plethora of reasons to choose a hand saw over an electric in certain situations. You can use them to get cleaner cuts, better detail, or might need them when you don’t have access to electricity. – by Michael Colombo –

Top US patent judge pens anti-troll op-ed in NYT: Patent reform is in the air. Five bills are pending in Congress and just yesterday the Obama Administration put out a strongly worded report on the subject. – by Joe Mullin –

Open hardware knitting machine: Yeah, Knitic PCB is here! After soldering all the components, follows testing. Ok, lets get more clear what is Knitic all about! –

Prototypes That Last: Simple Tips for Making Durable Parts, Part 1: Advances in low-cost 3D Printing and CNC Machining have made it easy for a growing number of hobbyists to design and manufacture complex parts in the privacy of their homes. – by Michal Zalewski –

Cool Tools – Taurus 3 Diamond Ring Saw: I own two of these saws — one at my home in upstate New York, the other at my winter home in Jamaica. A diamond ring saw enables me to cut intricate shapes in ceramic tile, and allows me to create wonderful mosaics. –

Giant glowing orb made from 200 traffic cones: ‘planet: under construction’ (PUC) is a giant glowing orb which is composed of a central metal spherical framework in which 200 bright orange traffic cones are strapped by bungee cord, giving the suspended lighting installation its powerful shape. –

DIY Laser Engraver: If you have some old donated scanners and printers chances are you have most of the stuff needed to make your own DIY Laser Engraver. The main thing that all laser engravers have in common is a method of moving a laser or set of mirrors in an X Y pattern. – by Alan Parekh –

Wireless survey tool. NetSpot is a simple and accessible wireless survey tool for Mac users, which allows collecting, visualizing and analyzing Wi-Fi data using any MacBook. NetSpot can visualize your wireless network by building a visual Wi-Fi map. – by Wireless Mode –

New Project : DIY 3D Laser Scanner Using Arduino: Maker Alessandro Grossi sent us this great DIY build for a 3D scanner built using a laser, a DSLR, and an Arduino controller. Allesandro is a Mechanical Engineer, holding a Ph.D. in product design. – by KEN DENMEAD –

Ten Tips for Screws and Screwdrivers: Screws and screwdrivers might not seem like the most exciting topic on its face, but you could write a book on their uses and intricacies. There are so many tricks on how to use this type of hardware and their respective tools, and I’ve chosen ten that I hope will help you with future projects. – by Michael Colombo –

Double Bed Origami Tutorial!: In this tutorial, I will show you how to make an origami Book (Binder). Enjoy :D! Origami: Book (Binder) Designed By: Hyo Ahn Link to designers website: Link to the image tutorial: – by TCGames –

Blog from your desktop. With PixelPumper, you can now create, edit, and publish your blog posts directly from OS X in a beautiful Retina-display interface. It doesn’t matter if you host your blog on or self-host, PixelPumper allows you to post to either. –

Grow : A Portable CNC Router System: I am the James Dyson Fellow at the Royal College of Art’s InnovationRCA. I have developed a new type of portable full scale flat bed CNC router. The design is aimed at professional power tool users and maker/hackers alike. – by John Baichtal –

HP 20: Best Buy offers the HP 20″ Widescreen LED-Backlit LCD Monitor, model no. W2071D, for $89.99 with free shipping. That’s $30 off, tied with our February mention, and the lowest total price we could find. –

SlickWrite Proofreads Your Writing and Provides Statistical Feedback: Spellcheck can only go so far to ensure you’re writing something worth reading. SlickWrite analyzes your writing for grammar, common mistakes, and even provides statistical analysis of your text. – by Eric Ravenscraft, on Lifehacker –

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Install Google Fonts on Windows or Mac for Faster Web Browsing: Windows/OS X: Google is now offering a convenient way to download Google Fonts, its 1,000+ collection of free, open-source fonts, to your desktop. Not only will your downloaded fonts sync to Google, they’ll also help load websites faster if they use those fonts. – by Melanie Pinola, on Lifehacker –

Pedalboard out of wooden beer crate.: I still have to do some cable management. And I will use some velcro for sticking the pedals to their place, but for the moment I’m still in doubt in which order the pedals should go. – by Sebdec –

The Beauty of Making a Pen: This video makes me want to play on the lathe! Alexandre Chappel’s video shows him milling his own ball-point pen out of steel, brass, and aluminum. My interests include writing, electronics, RPGs, comics, scifi, hackers & hackerspaces, 3D printing, building sets, & toys. – by John Baichtal –

Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire: One thing that I always bring with me though on a hiking is fire in some form, usually an alcohol or gas burner. If not that, then at least a fire steel to make my own fire. With that in mind, I got stuck by the idea of producing electricity from heat. – by Joohansson –

‘Jörgits & the End of Winter’ – An Interactive Kids Novel by Tank & Bear: Over the last few nights I’ve been stealing my girlfriend’s iPad and reading Jörgits & the End of Winter. It’s an illustrated and animated novel for children written by Anders Sandell and created by Tank and Bear. – by Philip Kennedy –

Kickstarting the HexBright : Adventures in Flashlight Hacking: Christian Carlberg is a Cornell-educated mechanical engineer. After his undergraduate degree, he spent three years doing classical aerospace work and getting an MS, part time, at night school. – by Sean Michael Ragan –

New In The Shop: YOUR DIY PRINT SHOP is the one-stop-shop for all your DIY printing needs. Our DIY Kits are the best do-it-yourself screen printing kits on the market and our easy to use screen printing inks and do-it-yourself supplies get you from idea to execution in no time at all. –

Mason Jar Projects – by GorillazMiko –

Game on : Creating a Custom Foosball Table with 3D Technology: New 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies are allowing us to obliterate old limitations. They’re giving rise to disruptive inventions, unseen production methods and dynamic products. 3D technology is a lot of fun, too. Take foosball. Foosball is fun. – by Ping Fu –

Hopscotch HD Introduces Kids to Programming: Hopscotch HD is targeted at kids aged 8-12 with the goal of teaching rudimentary coding. The whole process works by simply dragging and dropping method blocks to perform actions. So, if you want a little monkey to move, you just drop in the “move distance” block, set the distance, and hit play. – by Thorin Klosowski, on Lifehacker –

Raspberry Pi calculations replace mechanical engineering on 3D printer: Standard 3D printers require significant mechanical structure to provide movement on the three axes. This alternative design uses radial arms with a minimum of mechanical engineering. The extra calculations required for the more complex geometry are provided by the Raspberry Pi computer. –

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Developing for Arduino on Android: You can now develop for Arduino directly from Android using the ArduinoDroid app, released on Friday onto the Google Play store. The app allows you to develop, compile and upload¹ sketches to your Arduino board directly from your Android phone or tablet. – by Alasdair Allan –

Waist High Planter Box: This is an indestructable waist high planter box that we hope will bring us to partial “vegetable independence” from the grocery store this season. – by MidnightMaker –

Manhattan Micro Loft by Specht Harpman Architects: It’s really hard to make 425 square feet look spacious but Specht Harpman Architects managed to do just that in this once awkward New York City apartment that’s set at the top of a six-story building. – by Caroline Williamson –

CNC Router Bits Demystified: CNC routers need bits. They determine the kind of carving you can do, the resolution of your finished designs, and how fast you can move through the material. – by Greg Flanagan –

What did the Big Bang sound like? Take a listen: John Cramer, professor emeritus of physics at the University of Washington in Seattle, has created a high-fidelity rendition of the sound of the Big Bang and the noise generally believed to have accompanied the early development of the universe. – by Charles Cooper –

simple, cheap, cool, waterproof and gummy diy battery holder: Now cut in half each packet’s content, stir it in your hands and cover the washers on the right sides of the batteries. Push it around the cilynders, and over the washers so that it will englobe them. – by andrea biffi –

Bolt Depot Fasteners Online – Nuts and Bolts the Easy Way! – Tags: –

10 Things to Connect to Your Raspberry Pi: The Raspberry Pi makes a great home server. – by Alasdair Allan –

Get 50GB of Free, Encrypted Online Storage from Tresorit: Windows (Mac, Android, iOS coming soon): There are a ton of online syncing and storage services, but not all of them locally encrypt your data for higher security. Just out of limited beta, Tresorit is a new Dropbox alternative with client-side encryption. – by Melanie Pinola, on Lifehacker –

tofu bahn mi – by jessyratfink –

How-To : Print Circuit Layouts on Perfboard: The Monday Jolt is a new series about microcontrollers and electronics that appears in MAKE every Monday morning. For today’s Jolt, I asked German hacker “Kopfkopfkopfaffe” to create a how-to on transferring both sides of a circuit design onto perfboard. – by Gareth Branwyn –

This Guide to Asian Noodles Makes Sure You Cook Ramen, Soba, and Udon Perfectly Every Time: Once you dive into the world of asian noodles, you’ll learn there’s more than just ramen to enjoy. Rice noodles (also sold as Rice Stick), udon noodles, soba noodles, and more are all easy to find, but can be tricky to cook well. – by Alan Henry, on Lifehacker –

How to Set Up Your Own Private Cloud Storage Service in Five Minutes with OwnCloud: With so many services like iCloud and Dropbox getting hacked these days, it’s no surprise that more people want to pull their data off the cloud. – by Thorin Klosowski, on Lifehacker –

Moot | Forums and commenting re-imagined: Add conversations to any site with a few lines of HTML. Gorgeous discussions, yours for free. –

Batman Family Car Decal Set: To the Batmobile! Gotham Showers The rain beats down. It flood the filth into the streets But doesn’t cleanse the city. I stood in the rain waiting for my parents. No one came, and my dreams were washed away. -B. Wayne, age 9 That poem was written by Master Bruce many years ago. –

Makerslide Pen Plotter Holder: Useful for holding a pen when getting started, testing gCode and calibrating Shapeoko or other CNC projects that use Makerslide. – by Rincey –

Cool Tools – Giveaway! Housebuilding for Children: Cool Tools is giving away a copy of the book, Housebuilding for Children, to one person who writes and submits a Cool Tool review between now and Thursday, April 4 at 10pm PT. –

NEW PRODUCT – HDMI/VGA/NTSC/PAL Display – 10.1 Diagonal – 1280×800 IPS: NEW PRODUCT – HDMI/VGA/NTSC/PAL Display – 10.1 Diagonal – 1280×800 IPS. Yes, this is an beautiful bright 10. –×800-ips/

Find Industrial Parts Instantly Using 3D Shape #3dthursday: Innovative parts sourcing via 3D model search! From 3D Part Source: We are harnessing the power of next generation 3D search to revolutionize the way you source parts. We provide a tool that makes this critical process rapid, accurate and cheap. (It’s faster, better, cheaper!) –

Egg Holder: Designed egg holder with 3D modeler. Inspiration came from flame. In the attachement below you can also find a .stl file, so that you can 3D print it whenever you want. Hope you like it 😉 egg_holder. – by skorpijon –

Hidden Easter Eggs Card: Time for the Easter egg hunt! They aren’t hidden that well, but what would be the fun in that? They are just too cute to hide away! – by Penolopy Bulnick –

DIY Camera Crane – The Wooster Sherlock 2.0 with Manual Tilt: The second Wooster Sherlock camera crane was built on the cheap for sure. Using only one pole cuts down the cost. Instead of having one crane that does it all, I decided to build this model specifically for manual tilt shots. – by Mr. Noack –

Joi Ito’s Nine Principles: Joi Ito’s Nine Principles. We’re still working on it, but that is where our thinking is headed. –

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How to Fit Two Weeks Worth of Luggage Under the Airplane Seat in Front of You: Back in the day, checking your bag on a trip only cost you 20 minutes of your time after a flight. Now you’re lucky if it only costs you $20. With rampant theft, high bag check costs, and overhead bins filled to the brim, learning how to pack efficiently matters more than ever. – by Adam Dachis, on Lifehacker –

Skim Milk: Les Ailes Noires by John Tong: Les Ailes Noires is a minimal design created by Toronto-based designer John Tong of +tongtong. Prior to establishing +tongtong, John Tong was a co-founding principal of the design firm 3rd Uncle Design Inc. from 1993 to 2012. – by Leo Lei –

Foolproof card trick your kids will love: Here’s a great self-working card trick to teach your kids. If they are old enough to spell, they will love performing it for their friends. I learned about t… –

Beautiful DNA explainer video does Watson and Crick proud: Even if you feel like you have a pretty good hold on what deoxyribonucleic acid is and how it works, you will still appreciate this video. – by Sal Cangeloso –

Parametric Music Box: Updates since publishing: 2013-03-10 (V3) Added Name of Song on top of MusicCylinder – or on the bottom – it’s customizable; fixed build plate positioning of pulley A complete music box consists of 6 parts:Case: the large thin walled part that holds the vibrating teeth and holds everything togetherM – by emmett –

I’m Losing My Edge: 7 Knife Sharpeners Reviewed: In my family, there was a Christmas ritual that went along with the usual routine of piling all the kids in the car and heading over to grandmother’s house. We also piled all the kitchen knives into the car. – by Scott Gilbertson –

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Traffic Signal / Stop Light Wiring with Arduino Controller: Obviously you will need an old traffic signal. I got mine on Craigslist for $40. It is one of the newer plastic cased ones, but it looks fine from a distance. I would kind of like an old metal one, but I’ll have to upgrade later I guess. – by fzumrk –

How to Combine Multiple Hard Drives Into One Volume for Cheap, High-Capacity Storage: Once you’ve gone through a few computers, you probably have more than a few old hard drives lying around. You don’t have to let them go to waste, though! Here’s how to combine multiple hard drives into one, huge volume that’ll hold just about anything. – by Whitson Gordon –

Vapor Treating ABS RP parts: Treating ABS parts with acetone is almost as old as RepRap itself, but usually this has involved either dipping the part into liquid acetone, which causes white streaks in the parts, or brushing the acetone onto the part with a slurry mix, which can work very well but tends to be a messy process. – by Austin Wilson –

Quickly sign any document with Preview: Legal forms, letters, and other documents are progressively migrating to digital media; however, the need for applying a signature to them is often still a requirement. – by Topher Kessler –

Galant Standing Desk with Monitor Shelf: Materials: Galant 160x80cm Desk with Frame, Galant 80x60cm Extension Table with Frame (2), Galant T-Leg (2), 8″ Capita Legs (2), Ekby Hemnes 119x28cm Shelf, 1′ Long 3/8″ Threaded Rod (4), 3/8″ Hex Nut (4) Description: Inspired by Steev Kelley’s two-level Galant hack, I set out to create my ideal – by Jules Yap –

Ten Tips for Drilling Better Holes: Workshop Wednesday is a new weekly feature covering traditional shop craft (woodworking, metalworking, mechanics, machining, etc.) Drilling holes isn’t just a matter of putting a bit in the chuck and pulling the trigger. There are finer points to this often under-examined skill. – by Michael Colombo –

7 social media lessons from the Grammys for organizers of other events: It’s awards season in the U.S., with the focus primarily on the upcoming Oscars and Sunday night’s Grammys. Last year, I wrote about how the Oscars missed an opportunity to use hashtags the right way on TV, and I look forward to seeing if the organizers learned anything from this year’s Grammys. – by Sree Sreenivasan –

Formlabs Readies Its Extremely Accurate 3-D Printer for Shipping: After an up-and-down year where Formlabs successfully raised $2,945,885 and was later sued by market leader 3D Systems, their first-in-class, stereolithography-based 3-D printer is finally slated to ship. – by Joseph Flaherty –

ajfisher – maker: This year being at home for Christmas, I wanted to put something interactive on the tree. Inspired by the Tweetmas Tree from Alpha One a couple of years back I decided to do something similar, using a Raspberry Pi for processing and a couple of Arduinos for light control. –

How To: Make Custom Art from Your Own Fingerprints: It’s nearing Valentine’s Day, and though my sweetheart and I don’t usually do gifts, I wanted to make her something special. We’re not big on the whole Hobby Lobby, scrapbook-y, shrine to ourselves approach to artwork, but I did want to incorporate a personal element. –

This FitBit Hack Cuts the Power to Your Gear If You Don’t Work Out: For the extremely willpower-impaired (or the super-serious about exercise), this hack uses a FitBit activity tracker and a Belkin WeMo internet-controlled power outlet to make sure you exercise every day. – by Alan Henry –

Dubbel Duffel Spring/Summer 2013: Following an exclusive launch with Opening Ceremony last year, Dubbel Duffel is back for spring with an array of new styles, materials and colorways, all currently available at OC and beyond. – by James Thorne –

alphonso peluso : CNC pen holder for the shapeoko desktop CNC made…: CNC pen holder for the shapeoko desktop CNC made on the laser cutter. design concept is based on the way the human hand holds a pen. –

Try These Cognitive Restructuring Exercises to Improve Your Mood and Reduce Stress: Cognitive restructuring is a core part of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is one of the most effective psychological treatments for common problems like depression, anxiety disorders, and binge eating. – by Alice Boyes –

Scout Trooper Blaster Replica #3dthursday: About two weeks ago, Thingiverse user astaines downloaded this 3d Warehouse blaster, modified it to be printable, removed the trigger, and uploaded it to Thingiverse. This bothered me for a few reasons. –

The Velopresso is a Pedal-Powered Coffee Machine: By Nick Normal This pedal-powered espresso machine definitely combines two of my passions: Bicycles and coffee! I still have a few questions looming such as how do they keep all the saucers and cups from breaking? And how much does the whole ride weigh? But I’m still excited to see this project – by Nick Normal –

Useful components in the base of a burned out CFL light bulb.: A burned out CFL home light bulb provides a nice little easter egg for the electronics hobbyist. Just pry off the base with a jacknife inserted in the seam, and it comes apart easily. – by charlyv –

Drilling Holes: Share one or more photos of a project, recipe, or whatever you’ve made, quickly and easily. – by pensa –

Grbl Controller 3.0 released: My Grbl Controller home page (i.e. what was my motivation for this two month, any spare minute, undertaking): Hope you find this new tool useful. – by zapmaker –

Fiskars Softouch Are Scissors 2.0: Like buttons, you probably don’t think of scissors as something that needs an upgrade. However, Fiskars Softouch Spring Action Scissors manage to solve a number of problems you’ve likely ignored over the years and just make your cutting needs a lot easier. – by Adam Dachis –

Control your lights using Siri and a WeMo Switch: There are plenty of creative hacks you can use to control a random appliance or two in your house with Apple’s Siri, but most of them take some level of programming and hardware expertise to accomplish. – by Jason Cipriani –

HelloSign Electronically Signs Documents Right from Gmail: Chrome: Technology has somehow made signing paperwork more annoying than it used to be. Now you have to print something out, sign it, and scan it back in if you want to email it. HelloSign adds electronic signatures to Gmail, so you can sign a document without even leaving your inbox. – by Whitson Gordon –

How to sync multiple Google Calendars to your iPhone or iPad: So, you have several different Google Calendars, but have only managed to sync the primary one with your iPhone and iPad. Not to worry. Though it’s not the most intuitive system, by following these instructions you’ll be up and running in no time. – by Andy Boxall – Tags: google calendar, iphone –

Image HotSpotter – WordPress Plugin for Interactive Image Maps: Attention WordPress bloggers- I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a new WordPress plugin called Image Hotspotter, which makes available interactive image maps in your WordPress blog. –

DIY Stun Baton:  If you follow the instructions on this site you will end up with a Stun Baton which takes a 4 volt battery and converts it to 10,000 volts of sparking fun. Of course be very careful if you decide to take on this project since the voltages created can do some serious harm. – by Alan Parekh –

Large Lego workspace from Ikea parts: Materials: Expedit Bookshelves, Desk. Trofast bins Description: This is a large Lego table/workspace I made for my kids from Expedit parts mostly. Full details are here. First I made legs for the “table” from 2×4’s. They are glued and screwed to the underside of the Expedit desk. – by Jules Yap –

Augmented Reality TARDIS: The running joke on the TV series Doctor Who is that the time machine disguised as a police call box is bigger on the inside than on the outside. Greg Kumparak built a model TARDIS that really is bigger on the inside, by using augmented reality technology. Read about how he did it at his site. –

Q. Does PostalPix accept PayPal?: Have pictures sitting around on your iPhone or Android? Download our app and get them printed and mailed directly to your home. Choose from premium luster sheen prints, aluminum prints, and more. We offer a variety of sizes and square prints, perfect for your Instagram photos! –

Cable chain 16x6x12 – by Zemciko –

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Heart Island House: We will email you the download link for the book Click this button and visit here for the download link –

Twitter controlled Eggbotted LED Ornaments: AJ Fisher posted an incredibly thorough write-up about his Twitter/Raspberry Pi/Arduino controlled LED lit Eggbot decorated Christmas tree ornaments. Each ornament would light up when twitter keywords represented by their icons were being used. – by Lenore –

Main Page: Learn about: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, and PostgreSQL. What do you think of the new layout of SQLZoo? Please share your opinion with us: [email protected]

Have guests often? Generate a QR code with your WiFi details that you can frame for easy access: “Yo, what’s your WiFi password?” It’s a question we’ve all asked, and answered, dozens of times. Happily, there appears to be a neat way around the issue, as an intrepid Reddit user recently made well-known: big QR codes. – by Alex Wilhelm –

Foldify is an Easy way to Make Your own Papercraft Toys: There are many more fun ways to make 2D things into 3D than by putting on a silly pair of glasses and sitting in a darkened room, getting a headache and motion sickness. Foldify is one of them. – by Nathan Barry –

How to Draw the Golden Spiral: Commonly found in nature, the well-known shape of the golden spiral is a unique form but can be sketched nicely using the elements of the Fibonacci sequence. It is fairly simple to draw, and can be quite beautiful when done correctly. – by Flickety –

Dropbox Encore 1.0: Dropbox shared folders let two users (i.e., two accounts) share a folder of files. See the Dropbox Help for more information. But sometimes Dropbox Sharing is not what you want, e.g., independent work and home accounts. –

Catbus Cat Costume: I won’t pretend like this cat looks like she loves wearing this Catbus costume, but it is such a great idea. No one can pull off Catbus quite like a cat. Betty of Sweet Ipomoea dressed up her two kitties as Catbus and Totoro for Halloween this year. – by Laura Cochrane –

3D printer can build a house in 20 hours: More about this video Read: – Tags: 3d printer –

Most Useless Machine, Advanced Edition: Build from the parts of an old printer, this project spotted by Ladyada takes the useless machine to a whole new level. Full details about the project are available here. – by Matt Richardson –

Symmetrical compliant Z-coupler: Mine worked sweetly just as printed from the STL. If you have .250″ (6.35mm) lead screws, chances are your local hardware store has inch size tubing, like mine. I used 1/4″ O.D. x 0.170″ I.D. vinyl tube which measured almost exactly 7 mm when snugly stretched the motor shaft. – by bluecoast –

Willit 3D Print?: Willit 3D Print is the website using javascript and webgl, where you can analyse your 3D design (STL or AMF files) before you 3D print it. It all runs in your web browser so you don’t need to install anything! And as all calculations are done on your local machine, your design stay safe and sound. – Tags: 3d printer –

Shoot your world in 360º with a BubbleScope: The BubbleScope and associated BubblePix app and service are the brainchild of inventor Tom Lawton. I first encountered Tom and his BubbleScope back in November 2011, where I, along with many others were amazed at what this little device could do. – by Editor –

Stop Wasting Plastic! This Web App Tests the Printability of Your 3-D Designs: Anyone who’s operated a 3-D printer knows there is more to it than just quickly designing an idea and pressing “print.” In order to get good parts without errors, artistry is required. – by Joseph Flaherty –

Holy Kaw! All the topics that interest us: Think the holidays are a time to put learning on hold? Think again, lovers of the phrase “teachable moments,” and make sure the kiddies don’t lose their mathematical edge this break with some Treegonometry direct from the great minds at the University of Sheffield, who developed the formulas –

Star Wars Snowflakes: Matters of Grey shared 19 Stars Wars snowflakes patterns a couple of years ago, and even though they’re not new, it doesn’t make them any less stellar. Several of the designs look ripe for 3D printing. – by Goli Mohammadi –

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: It’s our dirty little secret. Most of us here at MAKE spend most of our time putting out the magazine and website than we do actually making the things we write about.  (That’s what the crew in MAKE’s lab gets to do. – by Stett Holbrook –

25 Standout Apps From 2012: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were, without a doubt, the most talked about apps of 2012, but they’re not what we consider the top apps of the year. Newcomers like Zeebox and Ad Hawk weren’t part of everyday conversation for most smartphone users, but we feel they should be. –

Candidate Puts 51% of Budget Into Facebook Ads — and Wins: On Election Day, Bridget Mary McCormack won a seat on the Michigan Supreme Court. Why should you care? Because she may very well owe her victory in part to Facebook, where more than half of her late-game advertising budget was spent. A week before the election, victory was far from assured. – by Alex Fitzpatrick –

How-To : String Art Card Display: By Arwen O’Reilly Griffith I never quite know what to do with all the holiday cards I get; they fill up the fridge pretty fast, and fall down in a pile if I put them propped up on the table. – by Arwen O’Reilly Griffith –

Face Tracking Lamp: Shanshan Zhou, Adam Ben-Dror, Joss Doggett from Victoria University used Processing, Open CV, a web cam, an Arduino and a bunch of servo motors to make a Face Tracking Lamp! It is quite freaky how well it seems to work. – by Alan Parekh –

The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains: A good story can make or break a presentation, article, or conversation. But why is that? When Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich started to market his product through stories instead of benefits and bullet points, sign-ups went through the roof. – by Leo Widrich –

Add Solar Power to All Your Stuff This Weekend: There are many ways to reduce your energy bill, but nothing more effective than harnessing the power of the sun. This weekend, tackle a DIY project or two that gives your gadget, home, and more some solar power. – by Adam Dachis –

Today’s Tutorial: If you slice a superellipsoid horizontally or vertically, the cross-section is a superellipse. So, the superellipsoid has two measures of squareness: one for the horizontal superellipse cross-section, and one for the vertical superellipse cross-section. –

Transforming, 3D-Printed RC Robot-Car: This 1/12th-scale transforming robot, built by Brave Robotics, looks utterly sick as it reconfigures itself as a car. Look for it at Maker Faire Tokyo! [via Ponoko] – by John Baichtal –

Let’s cook: 3D scanner based on Arduino and Processing: First of all, sorry for my English skills. It is not my native language, I have learned it at school, but don’t have many occasions to use it, except of reading articles in English. But i hope it would be good enough to understand. – by CUBE –

Portable 3D Scanner: Point and shoot: no need for a rigid set-up, or to prepare parts. Get results up to 10x faster than standard 3D scanners. Fits into a case the size of a carry-on. Take it from plant to plant and use it in-house or on site. The scanner weighs about 1 kg. –

Bones Simplifies the Process of Creating a WordPress Theme: WordPress is a wonderful blogging platform and CMS—a reader favorite, in fact—but creating a theme isn’t easy if you don’t know the ropes. – by Adam Dachis, on Lifehacker –

Stain PVC Pipes to Match Your Project: PVC is a great material for DIY-enthusiasts, right up there with duct tape, Sugru, zip ties, and paracord. – by David Galloway –

DIY: Make Crazy Detailed Light Paintings with Photo Light Stencils: Ever tried painting with light but got an amorphous blob instead of the heart you meant to draw? Us, too. That’s why light stencils are so so so great! –

More Ideas from We have every recipe and tip you need to make your meal a delicious success. – by TrebleChef – Tags: recipe –

Use The EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver + Arduino: Stepper (or step) motors are really cool. They are perfect for automation or any time you need a motor to turn to a specific point, at a specific speed, in a specific direction. – Tags: arduino, build, cnc –

EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver: Description: The EasyDriver is a simple to use stepper motor driver, compatible with anything that can output a digital 0 to 5V pulse (or 0 to 3.3V pulse if you solder SJ2 closed on the EasyDriver). EasyDriver requires a 7V to 30V supply to power the motor and can power any voltage of stepper motor. – Tags: arduino, cnc, electronics –

Stepper Driver Arduino Shield at Buildlog.Net Blog: This is a (4) axis stepper driver Arduino shield that is perfect for use with GRBL (garble) and other Arduino applications.  The steppers drivers can be Pololu A4983, Pololu A4988 or open source StepStick drivers.  These drivers can run steppers motors at up to 30V and 2 amp per coil. – Tags: arduino, cnc, electronics –

Build a Laser Microphone to Eavesdrop on Conversations Across the Street: Laser microphones are often seen as the pinnacle of spy technology as you don’t have to install a transmitter to hear what’s going in a building. – by DAVID GALLOWAY –

Introduction to I2C: In this article Grinan Barrett introduces us to I2C. Grinan explains how I2C works, provides many useful links to information related to I2C and example Arduino code for a robot project where multiple Arduino boards are used for sensing and control. – by admin – Tags: arduino, build, electronics, make –

Arduino Shield List: Sick of trying to figure out which pins are used by some obscure Arduino shield? Can’t tell whether two shields will be compatible with each other? This shield database arose out of a discussion on the Arduino Forums about the need for a comprehensive online reference for shield pin assignments. – Tags: arduino, electronics, reference –

Holy Kaw! All the topics that interest us: The average cost of dog and cat care can reach as least $100 thousand dollars over their lifetime, so next time you wonder “How much is that doggie or kitty in the window?”, consider all the costs. We thought it would be eye-opening to visualize the estimated minimum costs of dogs vs. cats. – Tags: infographic –

Prop Building with Pepakura and Papercraft: It’s hard to imagine a number of Shawn Thorsson’s amazing props and costume parts, which look so otherworldly and industrial as finished product, start out as papercraft models. – by Goli Mohammadi – Tags: build, make, papercraft, prop –

Hercules Filament System – by virtumake – Tags: 3d printer, build, make –

How to Make a Dollar Bill Rose: Featured Article Categories: Featured Articles | Origami – Tags: build, make, origami, papercraft –

Tool Review: DT-2234C+ Digital Laser Tachometer: This conspicuously brandless device, of Chinese manufacture, is for sale through multiple listings on Amazon, with prices ranging from $10.66 up to $20.95. The one I bought cost $14.99 with free Prime shipping, and came from CyberTech with fulfillment by Amazon itself. – by Sean Ragan – Tags: build, tools –

Today’s Tutorial: Solid Models in Sketchup What is it? In order to 3D print your models, they must be solid, watertight , manifold. The model must not have any extra lines or faces. If you make your object into a group or component, Sketchup will let you know if it’s solid by opening the Entity Info dialog box. – Tags: 3d printer, build, make, tutorial –

Hexaflexagon Safety Guide: Don’t let a flexigatastrophe happen to you! Flex Mex: Happy Hexaflexagon Month, in honor of Martin Gardner. Yes, we’ve been encouraging recreational use of hexaflexagons and even hexaflexagon parties to happen on Oct. 21, but be sure to flex responsibly. – Tags: build, make, papercraft –

How to Build a TARDIS Replica: Wouldn’t it be great to hop aboard the TARDIS from the BBC Series Doctor Who and take a trip through time and space? wikiHow tried contacting The Doctor––alas with no luck (yet)–– but we were able to locate plans to build your own. – by Rob S – Tags: build, make –

Vintage Train Car Makeover: This 1949 sleeper car may be all vintage on the outside, but inside it’s a modern home complete with a fully-functioning kitchen and incinerator toilet. Located in Portland OR, the train-car-home was actually listed for sale for $225,000 back in 2009. – by Diy –

Bedroom design – by HAYAO MIYAZAKI –

How To: Make A DIY Hanger Coat Rack: I stumbled across this Ready-Made submission that Das rote Paket received for a competition they were running. It’s cheap, cheerful and quirky, key ingredients for my kind of DIY. It quite literally turns the traditional coat stand, or rather coat hanger on its head. – by Matt –

8 Tips for 3D Printing with Sketchup: I am new to the world of 3D printing. So in this guest article, you’ll hear from expert 3D printer/designer Marcus Ritland from Denali 3D Design. He shares some tips to help you create amazing 3D printed models by designing them in Sketchup. – by Guest Author – Tags: 3d printer, build, make, tutorial –

Flashback: Haunted House Silhouettes: With some jobs, when you’re burned out it’s best to take a break, to get away from the office and focus on something else. With creativity, however, I’ve found the opposite helps: for me the only cure for burnout is more challenges rather than fewer. – by Haley Pierson-Cox –

Star Wars made entirely out of scarecrows wins best Halloween lawn on this Earth: Behold, Star Wars made entirely out of scarecrows. This glorious Halloween lawn paid special attention to each straw-stuffed detail. Check out the Emperor’s lightning hands, Han’s belt, the glowing lightsabers, and the Death Star. Truly this is the best Halloween lawn on the planet. – by View Profile –

How To: Make Vampire Pumpkins: Yesterday I saw a little boy walking the aisles of the co-op sporting a pair of faux vampire teeth. I’ve never understood their appeal, as, if I remember correctly, they kinda hurt your mouth. Better use of them would be to make Martha’s Fang Pumpkins (aka Drac-o’-Lanterns). – by Diy –

How-To: DIY Pumpkin Drink Dispenser: Ready to take your Halloween imbibing to a whole new level? Blow some minds and serve some drinks with this DIY pumpkin drink dispenser from Kim at Tips + Tricks! – by Haley Pierson-Cox –

Reader Notifier Turns OS X’s Notification Center into a Feed Reader: OS X: Reader Notifier is a free utility that pulls in your Google Reader subscriptions and drops them in OS X Mountain Lion’s Notification Center, essentially turning that hidden pane into the most inconspicuous newsreader ever. – by Alan Henry, on Lifehacker –

Man Recycles Old Door Knobs into a Sparkling Replica of Van Gogh’s Starry Night: Goldberg’s discontinued overstock collected dust in his warehouse for over fifteen years. When he finally decided to do something about it he first considered selling it for scrap, but thought of an idea to excite his community instead. – by Lori Zimmer –

Build a Giant Adirondack Chair: Larger-than-life objects make me think of small towns on desolate stretches of freeway, where the city council has dreamed up an oversized object that will entice car travelers on their way somewhere else to stop for a few minutes and spend money. – by Laura Cochrane –

DIY wire bender by Pensa: DIWire Bender by Pensa – The DIWire Bender is a rapid prototype machine that bends metal wire to produce 2D or 3D shapes. Simply draw curves in the computer, import the file into our software and press print. Our software can read vector files (e.g. –

T-Rex Sliced for Printing 2x Larger: EDIT: I had to remove V2 because of scaling issues. Please download the v3 files for the larger T-Rex. Print it without support and glue together. – by MacGyver –

Arduino Box and Shields – by willcode –

Iris Door Box: You will need #4 x 1/2 flat head metal screws for small version and #6 for the large version. They must be flat heads or it probably won’t work. After printing, layout the iris blades and put a small piece of tape on the top to hold them all together. – by countspatula –

Gecko Lizard shape – Escher style puzzle piece: This ~ fits inside a 6″ circle. So it may be a bit large, consider scaling it as necessary. It has been offset .020″ on the sides so it will fit together. – by kencaid –

Try This Physics Defying Origami Trick: Did you ever make fortune tellers or create origami animals? If so, you should give your paper folding skills a challenge by making a Hexaflexagon. – by Stephanie Haberman –

Halloween Costume Uses Smartphone App to Display Your Beating Heart [VIDEO]: As technology progresses, Halloween costumes get scarier. Here’s a dramatic example: a strategically placed smartphone can display what appears to be your beating heart — among many other things — to terrified onlookers. – by Charlie White –

How to : DIY Carved Rock Art : Curbly : DIY Design Community: Rock carvings aren’t just for the ancient Mayans- we have a Dremel!  My girls are rock-collectors (meaning, if we exit the house for 5 seconds they have pockets full of rocks and leaves and little sticks too), so I’m particularly smitten with this rock-carving tutorial. – by Craftmel –

Correct your Olloclip lens distortions for free, with OlloCorrect: If you own the Olloclip 3-in-1 lens, then you will be well aware of the optical distortion the lens suffers. – by Editor –

Comedy Ensues as Twitter Users Hijack Newsweek’s #MuslimRage Hashtag: When Newsweek’s social-media gurus instructed Twitter users to use the hashtag #muslimrage to discuss the magazine’s inflammatory new cover story on Islam, they got more than they bargained for. The hashtag is fast becoming a meme — for Twitter users to mock Newsweek en masse. – by Geeta Dayal –

LIFX: The Color-Changing, Wi-Fi Enabled, 25-Year Lasting LED Light Bulbs You Control With Your Smart Phone: LIFX are dimmable, programmable, any-color-you-want, energy saving LED light bulbs that you can control from your smart phone. Want all the lights in your kitchen to pulsate to the music you’re playing? THEY CAN DO THAT TOO. –

A Fresh Home With Open Living Area & Internal Courtyard: We will email you the download link for the book Click this button and visit here for the download link –

HOW TO: Make Your Own Pop-Up Book: Book publishers have recently been embracing the somewhat forgotten genre of children’s pop-up books. – by Desmond Williams –

Bat-Signal from Thread and Nails blog: Artist Stephen Ball created this incredible sculpture of the bat-signal from just thread and nails! – by AndrewS –

SOLAR-POWERED SUN BRICK: Spice up your patio or walkway this fall with Sun Bricks, the solar-powered ground lighting system that will guide people to your front door with their inviting glow. – by Evelyn Lee –

This Awesome Origami Yoda is Just 7 Centimeters Tall!: Artist Yoyo Ferro’s latest work appeals to Star Wars and origami fans alike! Using teeny tiny pieces of paper, the artist has made an origami Yoda, complete with wrinkled green face, orange robe and staff. The origami master based this awesome Yoda on an original design by Fumiaki Kawahata. – by Lori Zimmer –

5 Ways to Monitor Your Brand’s Effectiveness: Michael Hyatt is chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He’s also a professional blogger, speaker and author of the new book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. Visit him at Building a brand isn’t solely about numbers and figures. – by Michael Hyatt –

FiLMiC Pro adds more advanced features for the iPhone Videographer: FiLMiC Pro, which many consider to be the number 1 video camera replacement app for the iPhone has just been updated, with “greatly enhanced motion effects through new separate selectable capture and output frame rates. Output frame rates from 1-60 fps. Pause enabled recording in Event mode. – by Glyn Evans –

5 iPhone Apps for Better Photos and Videos: If you’re still using the basic camera app on your iPhone, you’re doing it wrong. The tool gives you one option in video mode: focus. Want to zoom? Forget it. You only have access to zoom when you take a picture. – by Nina Frazier –

15 Gorgeous Garden Houses – Flavorwire: If you’re trying to avoid planes, trains, and automobiles this summer — hoping to relax into something quieter, more casual, and filled with nature — check out our gallery of gorgeous garden houses after the break. – by Alison Nastasi –

Season 1: Grilled Zucchini Medallions With Pita Recipe: Season 1: Grilled Zucchini Medallions With Pita Recipe. Hi, I’m John, and I’m Willi, and we live in Seattle where we grow a lot of our own food. Yeah, we have kind of a little urban homestead in our backyard. We’ve got a vegetable garden and we raise chickens and honeybees. And today, we’re going to be talking about growing summer squash. So today,… – by Willi Galloway –

Sharkumber!: Brock Davis (previously on Neatorama) was given the simple task of cutting up a cucumber for his family’s dinner salad one night, but he came up with this cucumber killer whale instead! – by Alex –

Work/Play/Storage For Two: Materials: [2] 2×4 Expedit, [1] 2×2 Expedit, [2] Lack 43″ Wall Shelves, [2] Vika Amon 59″ Table Tops, [4] Drona Boxes, [2] Kassett Boxes, Assorted Signum Cable Mgt. – by Jules Yap –

Father Makes Rad AT-AT Walker Bunk Bed For Son blog: It’s Father’s Day, and here’s a post to celebrate one dad’s epic build for his son. Derek Dutilly spent about 60 hours over six and a half weeks constructing this amazing AT-AT Walker bunk bed for his son. – by Rachel Hobson –

Kick, a pocket sized lighting studio for your iPhone: Over the past few months we have seen a number of innovative Kickstarter projects, and this one from Rift Labs is no exception. – by Glyn Evans –

Emo Public Furniture: Sitting, eating, lying, bathing, storing, arranging flowers, telling the time—these are the functions to which mainstream design reduces the sum of human effort, focusing on model houses with model users whose needs do not deviate from the essentials of living. – by CH Contributor –

52 Week Challenge: #10 DIY Screenprint Dodger Tee: Chris and I are going to a Dodgers vs. Angels game next week for opening day. I don’t know much about baseball, I usually just fill up on food, sun, and beer. I just cheer when everyone else does. Chris has his own dodger gear. But I wanted something to wear to support the team. –

Free Darth Vader Paper Craft blog: Star Wars fans will enjoy this paper craft Darth Vader created by Gus Santome. Check out his blog to get the downloadable file for yourself. – by Lish Dorset –

11 Seriously Amazing Customer Service Stories: Imagine joking around by Tweeting that you want Mortons to meet you with a steak when land at an airport -and actually having them do it. That’s exactly what happened to Peter Shankman: –

Brain Cupcakes: Here’s some food for thought. DeviantART member CandyCasters made these cupcakes with brain cupcake toppers, cherry vanilla buttercream and maraschino cherries. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious! – by John Farrier –

Giant Googly Eyes: Are you looking for a way to add a little pizzazz and personality to boring everyday items? You need the Giant Googly Eyes from the NeatoShop. This eye popping set of two giant googly eyes comes with an adhesive backing. The eyes will stick to virtually anything to make a gigantic silly face. – by Tiffany –

Balloons + LEDs = Glowing Super Mario Bros. Kite: YouTube user onemeeeliondollars spent only about one hundred dollars to make a glowing 250-square foot kite. He placed LEDs in helium-filled balloons and attached them to a lightweight frame. When he was done, he released Mario to float across the sky. – by John Farrier –

MAKEkind 11.: This week I’m sharing a simple, yet somewhat time intensive project. It’s a catch-all of sorts made from sheets of cardboard. I did this project in steps so it didn’t seem so daunting – it’s worth it because the end product is custom and so, so useful.  Here’s how to make your own!: –

How to Make Yoda Apples: Jill of Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons has a knack for making food crafts that are simple but completely convincing. She assembled her latest creation for her five-year old Star Wars fan. To duplicate it, all you’ll need is an apple, a marshmallow, 2 chocolate chips, peanut butter and a toothpick. – by John Farrier –

You know it’s true…: Login: collect points, unlock giveaways, and more! Get the best MakeUseOf articles in your email for free. Access Exclusives. Over 400,000 subscribers! –

SendHub Rolls Out Its iPhone App For Group Text Messaging [Updates]: SendHub, the group messaging startup, recently released version one of their iPhone client application. This will be great news to SendHub and iPhone users, for the app offers nearly everything the web browser client does, but it makes those features mobile and thus more accessible. – by Bakari Chavanu –

Creating a Digital Art Gallery: Kids seem to have an endless supply of creativity. Drawing, painting, writing, building, coloring, storytelling – anything can spark it off and it can lead to hours of fun. And stacks and stacks of art of all forms decorating your house. – by Nathan Barry –

Wall Photos – Tags: –

Bending PVC pipe – Just because you can: PVC pipe is created by a process called extrusion.Extruded products are all around you: Spagetti, macaroni, aluminum door thresholds, vinyl window frames, plastic bags … even plastic water bottles (which start as extrusions before they are blow molded) … all these are extruded. –

6 Things You Can Do To Secure Your WordPress From Hackers: Running a WordPress-based website is often a pleasure, enabling you to focus on content and building relationships with readers and other websites. However, not everyone on the web is as friendly as you. – by Christian Cawley –

Aviiq Ready Clips: Tired of carrying a tangled mess of charging cables in your bag? Let Aviiq Ready Clips ($20-$30) straighten things out for you. –

The Crib: Whether you’re looking for a backyard office, weekend cabin, or just want to reduce your ecological footprint, The Crib ($TBA) is a good choice. Designed for both flexibility and eco-friendliness, it is fabricated off-site and assembled where ever you desire. –

Giant Lego Christmas Minifig: Download ‘’ for all the parts. Print out everything, I used 5% fill, 1 shell .25 layer height for most everything. You have a choice of 3 heads and if you use the blank, also print the ‘face_mask’ to draw on the face. There are 2 bodies to choose from as well. – by countspatula –