February 20, 2016 Shop Log

  • After several days trying to figure out how to boot my old Mac mini into Linux, Infinally succeeded and installed the machine here at MakerCave. My Samsung SyncMaster T22B350 has a separate VGA input, so I hooked up the Mac mini to that. The FreeGeek Desktop uses the HDMI input. With the remote, I can easily swap back and forth between the inputs; one monitor, two computers. I added an USB 2.0 Sharing Switch, and now one wireless keyboard and mouse, two computers.  

    Mac mini Installed at MakerCave

  • Template for wall holes for the Portland Community Media TV Shroud 

    Template for Wall Holes for the Portland Community Media TV Shroud

  • Broke down the Our Lady of Lourdes School Auction Lighting Pole Supports  

    Finally broke down the old Our Lady of Lourdes School Auction Lighting Pole Supports


February 15, 2016 Shop Log

  • I started applying polycrylic to the Portland Community Media TV Shroud.  

    Polycrylic Coat on Portland Community Media TV Shroud

  • I ran a Ethernet cable from the router to the Apple TV.  

    Internet to the Apple TV

  • I built lifting blocks for the GT5000 NEC LCD Projector.  

    Lift Blocks for the GT5000 NEC LCD Projector

  • The power strip with a 25′ cord came from Amazon today, and I cleaned up the projector and Apple TV.  

    GT5000 NEC LCD Projector and Apple TV

  • The Apple TV will be nice when giving presentations.  

    Apple TV Projection

  • I am trying to repurpose an old Mac mini by putting Ubuntu on it.  

    Ubuntu onto a Mac mini

  •  The Mac mini turned out to be a bigger challenge than previously thought. The computer won’t boot from the SuperDrive. Also the hard drive is reported to be corrupted and in need of repair. 

February 14, 2016 Shop Log

  • I installed Repetier-Host software on the Electronics Workspace laptop for the Stacker Commercial 3D Printer and powered it up for the first time.  

    Repetier-Host Software for Stacker Commercial 3D Printer

  • I leveled the bed of the Stacker Commercial 3D Printer.  

    Leveling the Bed of the Stacker Commercial 3D Printer

  • I sanded and cleaned the first layer of wood filler on the Portland Community Media TV Shroud.  

    First Layer of Wood Filler

  • After sanding and cleaning the first layer, I applied a second layer of wood filler on the Portland Community Media TV Shroud.  

    Second Layer of Wood Filler


February 13, 2016 Shop Log

  • In an effort to assessing what I have, Instarted going through the boxes of stuff at and found some interesting things to bring to MakerCave to work on: ShiftBrite LED Modules, various motors, an Apple TV and 5-port hub.  

    Interesting Items Discovered at Home for MakerCave

  • Every shop worth its weight should have a copy of the McMaster-Carr catalog.  

    McMaster-Carr Catalog

  • I started assembling my newly-arrived Kickstarter-backed Dobot Robotic Arm.  

    Dobot Robotic Arm

  • I installed a guide on the Shapeoko to better align the work piece.  

    Shapeoko X-Axis Guide

  • I engraved the Portland skyline art on the Portland Media Community TV Shroud.  

    Portland Skyline Artwork on the Portland Community Media TV Shroud

  • To make more desktop space at the Electronics Workspace, I made a cantilevered laptop tray.  

    Electronics Workspace Laptop Cantilevered Tray

  • With the Portland skyline artwork routed out, I laid the first layer of wood filler.  

    Wood Filler Laid

  • I hooked up the Apple TV to one of the GT5000 NEC Projectors.  

    Apple TV Functional at MakerCave


February 10, 2016 Shop Log

  • Yesterday I received my Kickstarter-backed Stacker Commerical 3D Printer. This morning, before work, I had the opportunity to finally open the boxes.

    Advice to heed…

  • While not having time to unbox the printer, I did unbox and assembled the stand.

    Stacker Commercial 3D Printer Stand

  • I really need to get on the redesign of these Our Lady of Lourdes Auction Lighting Pole Supports, so I can disassemble and make some space inside MakerCave.

    Our Lady of Lourdes Auction Lighting Pole Supports

  • My wife threatened to use power tools if I didn’t come and do a quick project for her.

    McKenzie’s Valentine Mailbox

  • Of course, I couldn’t resist continuing on with the assembly of my Stacker Commercial 3D Printer. I mounted the printer onto the cart, installed the filament rail bracket and filament drive hardware and cable-tied the extruder wiring harnesses to the filament guide tubes.

    Assembly of the Stacker Commercial 3D Printer

January 6, 2016 Shop Log

  • McKenzie and I picked up the Oneida Air Systems Deluxe Dust Deputy Kit from Woodcraft, and I assembled it. It works great.

    Oneida Air Systems Dust Deputy Kit

  • From home, I brought the powered breadboard for the Electronics Workspace.

    Powered Breadboard

  • While figuring out what to do, I started updating the various computers here.

    MakerCave Callies-FreeGeek-Server

January 31, 2016 Shop Log

  • Last night, Jill and I won the fourth grade class auction project, and it is on temporary exhibit at MakerCave.

    On temporary exhibit at MakerCave…

  • I drilled a 2″ hole in the table top of the Electronics Workspace and slipped in the Tankstation into place. Now I can charge my electronic devices to my heart’s content. 
  • I made another electronics tool caddy for my larger tools that wouldn’t fit in the first tool caddy.

    Larger Electronics Tool Caddy

  • I managed some additional improvements on my Printrbot Simple Metal base, like this swing arm for the Raspberry Pi.

    Raspberry Pi Swing Arm in the Closed Position

    Raspberry Pi Swing Arm in the Open Position

  •  I also added a small storage box.

    Small Storage Box on Printrbot Simple Metal Base

  • Too often, when doing an annual event, you often just throw things immedaitely back into storage until the next year and forgot get about any problems or issues. Here is my attempt not to do that. The attachment apparatus for the light string support poles to the hotel tables is not very stable. We have been taping or zip-tying the mounts to the table legs. For next year, I would like to make a clamping mechanism, which would be more stable.

    Redesign Notes for the Mounting of Poles for Light Strings for OLL Auction